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Looking for a title of a 1970's film


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Hello everyone, I have been searching for a title of a movie for what seems like forever and haven't had much luck. Hoping maybe one of you could help. The movie I believe was filmed in the 70's or early 80's, and it was about a ballet dancer that has a health issue with her legs. She is told that she won't be able to dance anymore. There is a man that, if I remember right, is a reporter and trying to write a story about her, and then falls in love with her. Also through out the movie the man is talking with a kid in a park, that plays beats on whatever he can find with spoons. This kid ends up overdosing on drugs and dies at the end of the movie. Right after the man finds this out he goes to watch the ballet dancer dance her last dance. At the end she is to weak to bow so he carries her, and he brings her a corn beef sandwich.


I know this might all sound crazy, but I know I have seen this movie, but it's been years since I've seen it on TV and even then I know I've only seen parts of it. Please if anybody has any ideas on what the title might be or where I can go to find the answer I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much.



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It sounds like *Slow Dancing in the Big City* starring Paul Sorvino as the newspaperman and Ann Ditchburn as the ballet dancer.


It was directed by John Avildsen just after he did *Rocky*.


I remember loving the score and had it on vinyl back in the day.



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