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Jean Arthur's Easter Wishes


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While it's wonderful to see all these thought-provoking Easter-themed epics on TCM today, here is a more 'lighthearted' thread to acknowledge the holiday.


Jean Arthur, at right, circa 1929, wishes everyone a Happy Easter. Hope your day is good, with warm weather and sunshine.


(I'd read that Arthur despised doing these kind of promo pictures, but here we are enjoying them 84 years later. :) )



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What a striking photo! It almost brings tears to my eyes! The composition is just 'breathtaking'.


It always amazes me how much more beautiful black& white photos are compared to colored.









Edited by: twinkeee on Mar 31, 2013 4:00 PM

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Cute photos! Happy Easter Everyone!





*Claire Windsor with Easter Greetings Circle 1923*








*Mary Philbin- "Chicken Before The Egg"*








*Jacqueline Logan- "Queen Of The Seven Deadly Sins"*






*"Esther look, TCM is showing The King Of Kings This Year!"*






*Colleen Moore- "IRENE Of Springtime"*

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And that picture of Doris Day's famous derriére makes it clear why Bob Hope used to call her "J.B." ... for "Jut Butt" ... when they were working together. They emphasized it in every movie she did. In "Pillow Talk" it's especially pronounced, so to speak, in the scene where she's doing the rhumba with Nick Adams while Rock looks on, fascinated by it.

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:^0I didn't know that Day was renown for her derierre, but I agree that she's an attractive woman.





I've noticed her costumes in many movies focus on her rear, with skirts that tighten around her thighs to show it off, even in business suits.


Incidentally, I saw her years ago on the Phil Donohue show, after she had retired, and he mentioned that she seemed much more zaftig than she did in the movies. She talked about the fact that she carried less weight when she was doing movies and television than later. She kept it down to 112, I think she said, when she was filming, because the camera adds pounds. Plenty of discipline, there. Wish I had it.



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> (Last photo I could find):


If you want some more Easter photos, try [here|http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2301644/Here-comes-Peter-Cottontail-And-hes-bringing-awesomely-awkward-Easter-family-photos-him.html]. They're not Hollywood-related, however.

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