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Two movies on today that I never see, and I loved it.


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Earlier they had William Bendix in the umpire movie, and I haven't seen this since I was a kid, and thats a long time ago....Kill The Umpire


and later a Gary Cooper movie that I've never seen with Lauren Bacall and Patricia O'Neal, Jack Carson....The Bright Leaf.....


I enjoyed them because I haven't seen them.......


Now tonight, yet another guest rolls out some more of the same old, same old shown over and over....but thats OK, at least they showed something different today...if they could just do this sometimes, it would be something for those of us that just don't want to watch the same movies all the time.

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Here are three rare old movies on YouTube:


Charlie Chan in THE BLACK CAMEL, 1931:




Warner Oland ... Inspector Charlie Chan

Sally Eilers ... Julie O'Neil

Bela Lugosi

Dwight Frye

C. Henry Gordon


Filmed on location in Honolulu, O'ahu, Hawaii, USA and at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Honolulu.


This movie contains some unusually harsh insults directed by Chan to his incompetent Japanese assistant.






The first TV camera accidentally becomes the first security camera. :)


Lyle Talbot, Mary Astor, Nat Pendleton, and Joyce Compton








This is a social-message film about the dangers of Eugenics. It?s a little slow during the first 10 minutes, but just wait until the County officials from the Welfare Board tell the girl that she has no right to have a baby and must be sterilized because she is from a family of idiots, and notice when her father is told that his welfare checks will be cut off if he refuses to be sterilized.



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(Please pardon if this double posts. I tried to make a new thread for this question but it's been an hour or so & hasn't appeared yet so I don't know where it went. So I'm posting it here since this was the first sort of related thread I could find.)


I apologize if there's an existing thread for this type of question...I did do a search but I'm on my phone which makes it rather difficult.


Have a schedule conflict for Wednesday morning so looking for recommendations on which film to record:

TCM has On the Beach at 8:15 EST - saw part of it once & read the book

FXM has Wild River at 7:15 EST - haven't seen it


I was planning on recording OTB until I noticed WR on the schedule. I looked up WR and it seems to have very good reviews but I'm totally unfamiliar with it.


FXM often cycles its movies so a title will be shown multiple times over a short period but sometimes years go by between airings. I taped Zoo in Budapest in 2004 from FMC & didn't see it again 'til TCM had it on six years later or so. And right now my onscreen guide only lists this one showing of Wild River.


Which do you recommend recording? Thanks.

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I'm recording Dr. Jekyll overnight & will set timer for Wild River. Thanks.


When I checked my recording of On the Beach, I realized I must have seen the remake because I remember it being in color. Though I also recall seeing Fred Astaire in a garage so I'm not sure what I watched. It's been a long time.

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