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Sorry To See "Birthdays" treated so poorly


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If I remember right last year I noticed a new an improved TCM programming (still do as it is not all Army movies 24/7..) however, if you are in a time zone other than Eastern you are not treated to the best of the best. I would like to see those movies shown or rotated so those of us in the Pacific time zone are not struggling to watch a good movie at 4 or 5 in the early AM (morning) or early afternoon, 4 to 6 PM, while others see a good movie at 7 or 8 in the evening. I have asked this question for about the last three years and have been hopeful ....but alas nothing ! Again please try to work this "kink" out.

Okay some more complaining , I am so disappointed in the treatment of special days for actors this year, for instance I know Jane Powell and Debbie Reynolds have the same Birthday, April 1 st. This year TCM chose not to show any of their movies on this day , I was shocked... last year Doris Day Fans were treated to a week long (most in the PM) celebration of her Birthday, I do think it was a milestone treatment ,a special occasion of 50 years? maybe?, it was a real treat. I happen to believe, as these of the Golden Age of Musicals who still live, should receive this special treatment, actually the fans should! I love the fact that they get to know how much and how relevant they are to us, why wait until they have passed on?? I doubt that it matters to them and personally I think those that live on get a kick out of the fact that some of us believe that the "MUSICAL" was and remains a gem. To only be able to see them on Broadway is a shame, as the cost is so high, I happen to believe there is a market for good musicals but movies consist of Sci-Fi , Horror and raunchy comedy.... very few good movies today, it is a shame.

Thanks to those who did believe the musical made one feel better, gave laughter (underrated triple threat Jane Powell) and had such beautiful costumes that must have been made by the likes of a seamstress we do not see anymore, and of course, the most colorful beautiful sets!!! Oh, and did I mention no dancer has even came close to compare to the likes of Ann Miller...Vera Ellen and the list goes on till ending in the 1960's...or close


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Pretty sad that I must reply to myself........although It is not a must. I really did or still do wonder what others who love musicals as much as I do feel about what I wrote. I think TCM has improved so very much , as I remember they even pulled out some iffy Spring Vacation movies last year. I watched a few in support but did indeed watch as some actors used 'that movie' as a stepping stone to becoming a much better actor.

I am so glad to watch as TCM gives to each genre ; as each is so worthy. I do so crave a "new musical" if for no other reason than to see "if it can be done" ...... I wonder if I am the only one? Is no one else tired of the endless barrage of "here he stands! the last man on earth" ....only to find that a few hundred feet below him are the "others" It seems Cruise is riding this wave to the bank.I remember Doris Roberts telling James Lipton and guests; with a knowing smile "there was and is a big difference between being an actor verses a celebrity" I just adore her and the show Raymond. I guess I will just have to wonder if the real talent , from choreography;then dancing to comedy, to music, writing and the long hours ((Debbie Reynolds described practicing till you where ill and then back to work) exist anymore. Yes , Broadway is there and thankfully so... Oh, what about the dinner theater ? I will never forget my first time, Rita Moreno and the rest kept a smile on my face from the moment the show started... It is truly funny as I was around 3 years old when the musical was coming to an end, for me the decision made by moguls not to venture into music has sealed, and rightfully so, those wonderful actors of there time in pure Gold. Why do I go on and on, you may wonder; It was an accident at age 17 that kept me in bed for months and if not for these wonderful Musical comedies I don't know what I would have done. :)

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Well each day under Films and Filmmakers, in Candid's, Mongo posts the birthdays of the studio era stars.


If TCM was to honor stars (even just the so called 'major' ones), most of TCM's scheduling would be driven by that theme.


For example, today, May 7th, Anne Baxter and Gary Cooper were born. TCM's theme for today is crime noir movies. There just wouldn't be scheduling 'space' for this type of theme if birthdays were honored.


But hey I feel your pain. We love the stars we love and we want them to be honored.



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You are quite right ; perhaps I was thinking of the very few left with us. But even then I am sure problems would occur. I would not mind a "Evening With....." That would be so much fun!

I would love to see a line-up of Vera Ellen , Debbie Reynolds , Ann Miller , Judy Garland and my favorite triple threat Jane Powell.

I am not complaining, don't get me wrong.TCM has been doing such a great job for the last few years for me it has been a absolute joy!

There is something about summer that brings out the Musicals in me.

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