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Need to Change My Email address


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If you want to get TCM updates, movie news, etc, you can sign up on the home page with your new email address. Doing that won't affect your log-in to the message boards. You can movie reminders sent to your new email addy and that won't affect your log-in to these boards.


The software that runs this board is over ten years old and doesn't seem to allow for changing your email for logging in.


I asked this question a few years ago when I wanted to do exactly what you are wanting to do. I was told by the then-Web Admin that I had two choices.


All these years, you now have those same choices:



1) You can keep your Message Board log-in with the same invalid email addy and nothing will happen. As long as you have signed up on the home page with your new email addy, you'll still get information from TCM at your new email addy.




2) You can create a new TCM message board identification by creating a new account using the register/log-in link in the right hand corner where it says, Welcome. This will allow you to log-in these boards with your new email addy.


*But there is a catch*, you won't be able to tie your old message board account to your new account. Your posting history and post count won't transfer over to your new account. You will basically be back to zero and if you are a frequent message board poster, you will have to write an introductory post re-introducing yourself with your new moniker.


I chose to go with option 1 and keep my message board name. I get all the TCM news, FF news, movie reminders, DVD news, etc delivered to my current email addy and I still log in with the old aol account that I left behind years ago.


Hope that helps!

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Thanks folks, for the info & advice.

I don't post a lot, but I'd still like to retain my original id & info.


The WebAdmin finally replied to my question and said the same thing that Izcutter wrote, in option #2 but neglected to provide the alternate advice in option #1.


I think that I will also go with option 1. It is unlikely that I will forget my original email address of 17+ years, so as long as all my reminders, etc. pop up in my new email address, I'll just go that route.


Thanks again for your information & advice.


For better or worse, and especially when it comes to the internet, I am a creature of habit and once I am comfortable with a routine I dislike changing it.


Recently hotmail automatically changed all of the old member accounts to OUTLOOK, without asking its members, or allowing an opt-out option.

Sort-of-like when TCM made it's dramatic "upgrade" to the boards a couple of years ago that caused all the rukus.

Whereas, I chose to hope for the best & wait out the latter, because, quite frankly, there are no other TCM's out there...

On the flip side there are several email providers and I really didn't appreciate the heavy handed attitude of Microsoft, so even if OUTLOOK becomes everything they hope it will be sometime in the distant future, I am not happy with it now and refuse to wait for it to improve.

I was savy & comfortable with what I once had, and if a change is forced upon me I will go someplace else, and, more than likely, once I have become savy with that new interface, I will not switch back to hotmail/Outlook, even if it is much better than it is now, because I will have once again become comfortable with where I am, and unless another change is forced upon me I will likely remain there.

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