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Latest Update on RAMONA (1928) Restoration Project


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happy.gif This update was just posted a few hours ago!




















*"The reconstructed inter-titles for RAMONA have just recently been completed and are going up to the lab to have a negative made. Then they will get cut into the negative and we will make a new print or two. I would guess we are looking at 6 weeks or so."*



*"Rob Stone-Library Of Congress (Lab Technician)*




This movie has not been publicly exhibited anywhere since it's original run. It will probably see some Theatrical screenings later this year. It is all but unknown even to the historians and critics at this point. So don't be expected a quick TCM premiere. Maybe a World Premiere event though next year at the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival could be a possibility. Who knows?






*RAMONA* was a Blockbuster hit in 1928 for Dolores Del Rio and Warner Baxter. Del Rio was already a major Star. This film probably was the one that made Baxter one of the top leading men in the business. Baxter was popular. before hand. Had a good fan following, but not really a huge name. I don't think *THE GREAT GATSBY (1926)* was his breakout film. I could be mistaken. Warner was in some popular films like *THE AIR MAIL* with Billie Dove before that. He made many features at FBO in the early 20's with Irene Rich, Evelyn Brent, and other ladies.Well he was in the Clara Bow feature *THE RUNAWAY* at Paramount in 1926. Also with William Powell. Portions of this long lost William De Mille picture have turned up as well very recently Possibly even the majority of the movie? .I'll try to get more information.





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Warner Baxter was popular, and had successful pictures. I'm just saying that he was not really in the Major-Star leading-man class of a John Gilbert, Ronald Colman, John Barrymore, Ramon Novarro, Milton Sills, Rod La Rocque, Richard Dix, or even Edmund Lowe, Antonio Moreno, Adolphe Menjou, and Conrad Nagel.


More in the category of a Frank Mayo, Bert Lytell, Ben Lyon, Lloyd Hughes, Norma Kerry, Lew Cody, or Cullen Landis. Guys that were maybe not really the top-tier Stars. RAMONA might have been the picture that took Baxter to the next level. Made him a major, major movie name. What I do know is that in the early 30's, actually by 1929, Baxter's career boomed.

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