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What a dreary, useless waste of film!Besides the really stupid script, this movie was filmed in such dark light it was almost impossible to see what was happening much of the time. Ethan Hawke roams this house with a tiny little flashlight and never once flicks on the light switch.A family was murdered in this house and of course we see the corpses--of of whom look like badly made up mummies. there are no scares and that old trick of a door slamming and the hero jumping into the air from horror has been done umpteenth times.Also, as usual, you have to wonder why people continue to live in a house of a horror where danger supposedly lurks around every corner? I'm so heartily sick of "ghost kids" and "haunted houses"--wish movies could once more scare us with intelligent people, a great script and great atmosphere.

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That is why I gave up going to horror movies long ago...the slasher/buckets of blood/dead naked teens segued into people running around in the dark with flashlights or exercises in special effects..


I would be interested in what you feel are the most recent good/great horror movies.


One of the most recent that I can think of off-hand is 'The Others'.

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Thanks for the heads up on this. I have been thinking of watching 'The Woman in Black' but have been hesitant because of what passes as 'horror' these days.


I was very surprised by 'The Others'...I think I just happened on it on tv about 5 years after it was released in the theatres.


I rarely go see movies in theatres anymore because they are mostly crap.


I don't rent movies or use netflix because of the same reason, I just don't have the patience for bad movies anymore.


I'm picking up a few movies today (I buy them used for $2 each) and I will pick this one up as well.


I am looking forward to seeing this- Thanks!

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