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Accessing previous messages posted.

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A long time ago we could access a "history" of all of the previous messages that we posted on the boards. Is that feature ever going to be made available again. Right now I can only access recent messages posted in the last few days?

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For an old thread, see this URL address:




Notice that the second number has a comma after the 5.


Remove the comma, click on the URL address without the comma, and that will take you to that page:




Remove the commas in all numbers over 1000 and you should be able to get to those pages.

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Thanks for the response F.C.D. , but I believe you miss understand my question. At one time I could click on my username at the top right, then click on "control panel" , then you will see recent posting that you yourself made. But you could also access ALL of your previous posts from the last 30 days, last 90 days, or all time. For example, what was the very first posting that I ever made here? Or the tenth, etc. It would be like reviewing your own diary, and you could click on that posting to see what replys were made to that post. When these boards were down for a time and overhauled (there were a lot of technical problems at that time, remember) the function I am talking about now was never reinstated or it isn't made clear as to how one might do it.

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Ok, I see what you mean.


That service has been unavailable for more than a year. I don' t know why.


You can find some of your earlier posts (and other people's too) by using the main search feature, click in ALL for the time period, use a key word, and type in your or the person's name in the name box. I've been able to find a lot of my old posts that way.

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Fred, I have been doing a little experimenting. Apparently the "search" function has been worked on. You can now do a search using your user name, specifying some topic (like actor's name) and use "all" for the time frame. This can access back to any time apparently. Not like getting all of the postings in one shot, but its still a big help, thanks for your assist.

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