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Evil Dead (2013)


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What a surprise!I actually liked this "reboot" of one of my favorite cult horror flicks from the l980s.This version never stops moving, has a great cast of mostly unknowns, wonderful musical scoring and sound effects and enough grisly shocks and blood spurtings to keep your attention riveted on this beautifully photographed shocker.I'm so relieved this wasn't another tepid, botched remake of a beloved classic. Also, this one had the blessings and participation of the original creator, Sam Raimi, and its cult star, Bruce Campbell. Perhaps they were responsible for this redo from being a disaster like the hideous remakes of "Nightmare on Elm Street" "Friday the Thirteenth," "Prom Night," "Fright Night," "The Wolf Man," and on and on and on....

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I am a huge fan of the original and I have not had the chance to see the new one yet. I know many original fans were so reluctant to even give this a chance. There have been so many horror remakes in recent years and I have seen just about everyone of them. I am always willing to give a remake a chance even if I ultimately end up disappointed.

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