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Being a fan of film history in general


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I am a fan of classic films of the 10's 20's 30's and so forth.But not part of the lazy fans of corporate controlled classics.Are target is barley served equally by your corporate firms or studios, variably.But time Warner has more good points,compare to other studios,but ,they put a limitation on film history exploration too. .I love early experimental two color and odd color feature film and shorts.I been nagging t.cm. ,even when it was t.n.t, to get their bosses to put back classics like Under a Texas Moon and Viennese nights,with deaf ears.I also have been for years begging m.c.a to put out the restored vagabond king and Follow thru too ,with deaf ears Those big broadcasters are too greedy since the late Regan Business deregulation.If we had a government that was pro consumer it would be different.But its good when you have some of the rarities out.I have the old VHS version of king of jazz, but its half enhanced.I had wrote criterion to consider releasing the 105 minute version what was discovered, on d.v.d. non enhanced version!with deaf ears too.Well I have the old VHS version of whoopee.In its red green beauty.But when i found out that the Warner home video version of whoopee was enhanced ,to give an appearance of a third color it appalled me.I saw the clip for the Warner brother web shop,Eddie Cantor ,singing the song of whoopee,with a beautiful green sky, it was colorized with a bluish back ground giving a violate tint look.Awful!.I believe this was the fault of the Goldwyn company and not Warner.Goldfish had revision the color.I believe, just because they did not like the original.What they did was wrong!They should have left thing alone.But these corp catter not only mess up two color.They revision three colors too.I saw the clip from Sweet Hearts,1938.the color looks a lot different than the VHS version.Pathetic!. This is equivalent to murder and thievery!I told Warner brother shop that because of what time Warner did,I was not going to buy that copy.I'm not going to replace sweet heart s neither .If you are serious as me you won't buy these copes ,until Time Warner and Goldwyn straightened the color out

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