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Actress Suing IMDb for revealing her real age! BOO HOO *TEARS* *SNIFFLES*


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*This is hard to believe, but yes someone is suing IMDB for revealing how old they are. Maybe they need to watch Tootsie, lol.*


Huong Hoang, the actress suing IMDb for revealing her age, got her second day at trial to prove her case after opening arguments were delivered on Monday.



Hoang emphasized that her income decreased following IMDb's display of her true birthdate. She testified that she amended her tax returns and that the amounts of money disclosed in tax filings did not present the full extent of her income. She also told the jury how she had read and relied on IMDb’s privacy policy when signing up for an IMDb Pro account and how it was her understanding that the policy protected her “legal name” (as opposed to her nickname).



IMDb’s lawyer walked Hoang through her tax returns. Without coming out and saying it, he highlighted that Hoang didn’t make very much money from acting, and that she deducted a fair amount of expenses for the amount of money she made. For example, her acting income in 2010 was between $1000 and $2000, but she deducted amounts for hair and makeup ($987), shoes ($318.86) and miscellaneous expenses ($523).


Having established some industry expertise, Kolkowitz offered his opinion that there is a bias against actors who play “younger than their age,” and if their real age becomes known, this can put the kibosh on their career.


That assessment was challenged on cross examination.


Kolkowitz testified that a variety of factors influence decisions on whether to hire an actor. Talent is a big part of the decision, he said. He also admitted that he only learned about Hoang’s date of birth through this lawsuit (and not through IMDb) and he was unable to definitively state that the disclosure of her age resulted in a reduced number of acting jobs. Finally, Kolkowitz also admitted that he couldn't say for certain that she had received fewer auditions, and added that he had “no knowledge regarding monetary loss from loss of roles.”



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Incredible, ain't it? Did you catch where she can next be seen exhibiting her gigantic, um, talents?


the meantime, she can next be seen in the forthcoming TV show Exotic Dancers of Houston.


Yup, the sky's the limit for this dame.


Dog, I miss the days of Robert Ryan and Stewart Granger. :(

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Talent is a big part of the decision on whether to hire an actor? I am shocked, shocked.



I'd guess that this was mostly a publicity stunt. Unfortunately, imdb had to pay money to defend the suit.



But a show about the exotic dancers of Houston is EXACTLY what this country needs.



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