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Hebert, Lon


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TCM has been showing a number of Fox films lately and I did a search for the film. Not on the TCM schedule for the forseeable future. Then I checked Fox Movie Channel. I don't know how far into the future their search feature goes but it doesn't show up there either. Just keep checking the TCM and FMC schedules periodically, it should certainly show up on FMC sometime this summer. Or just track down a dvd, TCM has it for sale.

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>LONHKIRBYTX007 wrote:I was wondering when was TCM going to show 12 oclock HI made in 1945. it stars gregory peck.?


>TWELVE O'CLOCK HIGH was released in 1949, not 1945.


Ahem...excuse me here Sprocket ol' buddy, but you're ALSO just a little off in your correction.


Ya see, I'm pretty sure our new friend here wasn't talking about that 1949 WWII themed movie "Twelve O'Clock High", BUT was in fact inquiring about the 1945 movie, "12 oclock HI", which as you may know was Billy Wilder's ALTERNATE title for his film, "The Lost Weekend".


Uh huh, ya see, because Ray Milland(not of course Gregory Peck...that's the OP's only mistake here) was always either trying to OR was already drunk by noon in this baby, that's why Billy actually preferred that title to the one we're accustomed to today.


(...now aren't you glad I'm also around to clear up these little misunderstandings?!)




Edited by: Dargo2 on Apr 10, 2013 9:07 AM

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Oh...yeah...I forgot to mention that, didn't I. Sorry.


That was Billy's first choice as an alternate title.


(...but it had already been used previously as an alternate title for one of the "Thin Man" films, and so once that was brought to Billy's attention, he quickly shortened it to just "HI")

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