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Strangers on a Train - what would you choose?


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I just watched Strangers on a Train, and it got me thinking - if you could "swap crimes" with a stranger, what crime would you choose?

Can any TCM viewers come up with some ideas? I will use any good suggestions on my blog.

(preferably victimless crimes, it's just for fun. No murders please)


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Any crime I'd want to trade nowadays is one I wouldn't want to mention on a public forum... though, as a kid I really wanted some Pogo figurines one of the office staff at school kept in her window. I was too scared to do the smash and grab myself but I did make a small attempt to hire one of the class thugs to do it for me... which quickly seemed like a bad idea (opening myself up to grade-school blackmail)... so I dropped the whole idea and avoided temptation by not walking past that window any more.

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The problem with a thread like this is that it becomes part of the permanent record of our innermost thoughts. Filed away by Google, Microsoft, and other companies forever, and made available, upon demand, to any government agency who demands to read it, or whatever private company or corporation Google and Microsoft want to sell our personal information to.

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This really isn't hard.


Removing the label under penalty of law comes to my mind right away.


I'd also like to use the pictures, descriptions, and accounts without the expressed consent of Major League Baseball.


A guy can dream...

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So far I have got:



Go round your nearest DVD retailer and correct the missing apostrophe on every copy of "Two Weeks Notice" in permanent marker pen.




Break into a live "spiritualist" event wearing a bedsheet, and run around shouting "Woooo! I'm a ghost ... I'm trying to contact my wife or possibly daughter ... her name begins with B."



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I know everybody is reticent to fess up to any coldblooded murders they might be contemplating but what the hey. This is a Hitchcock thread so I feel I'm on safe ground saying:


I would take out all the studio execs who only greenlight 200 million dollar mass opiates that do nothing but brutalize the senses for 90 minutes in exchange for RO doing a PRIVATE SCREENING interview with at least one of the following:



Margaret O'Brien

Vera Miles

George Stevens, Jr.

Serena Williams

Joanne Woodward

Martin Scorsese

William Goldman

Richard Dreyfuss

Peter Bogdanovich

William Friedkin

Francis Ford Copolla

Robert Towne

Robert Redford

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