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Anybody Drink Drew's During "The Essentials"?


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News item recently about Drew Barrymore making her own giggle juice:



Don't know if she stomps the grapes herself or not...


More information about the stuff here: http://www.barrymorewines.com/


Anybody on the message board tried it, yet?


Anybody drink Drew's during "The Essentials"???






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I can't stand the woman... something about her that has always had me avoiding her. Therefore I do not watch The Essentials, or try to tune in a bit late so I can safely miss her.

Sadly now I have to do the same thing on Fridays to avoid Cher.


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> {quote:title=dpompper wrote:}{quote}

> I dunno. I'm just wonderin'. According to NNDB, Drew has a few demons (e.g., alcoholism). What could possibly inspire her to create her own wine brand?


Well, obviously we're having a bit of fun with this.

Being more serious about it, I guess it's a business decision for her. As well as something she says she is interested in outside of the movie business:



And her giggle juice did win a top award in competition in France, as the above article refers to...


As for alcoholism? Personally, I don't touch the stuff - wine, beer, or hard liquor.

But everybody's different. Whatever works for you.

And interestingly, I think there are Hollywood films where an alcoholic is shown drinking beer, with the idea being that drinking beer, I guess, is not as bad as drinking the hard stuff.

Guess I'm thinking of Dean Martin's character in "Rio Bravo," for example.

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> {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}Surely you don't find Cher as objectionable as Drew.

Finance, I like Drew AND Cher... :)

I mean, really, is there anybody who could host or co-host on TCM that somebody wouldn't complain about?

JC could co-host with RO and somebody would complain...

"Jesus!! What's up with Jesus choosing "Clash of the Titans" as an essential??"

(Yes, I know I'm going to H for this. :( )



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Anyway, Facebook feed today from La Cinémathèque québécoise about their

film essentials series titled "Les Essentiels."


You can see some of the films they regard as "les grands classiques du 7e art" here:



"Les grands classiques du 7e art" means "the great classics of the 7th art."

The 7th art is the term the French use to refer to cinema:



The series continues until December 2014 so more films will be added as time progresses...

And CQ choices aren't limited to older movies but include more recent ones as well...


Just FYI and to show what others regard as essentials...




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Why do we need any celebrity telling us what they think of a movie? I dont need their validation.......I know it's a ratings thing, but I could care less.......(I guess I should say I couldnt care less, before someone corrects me, but I prefer the other version)....


Edited by: Hibi on Apr 12, 2013 11:58 AM

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Yep, I've always thought that instead of these "names" telling us how they "feel" about the movies that are shown on these sorts of "special programmings", I would rather see Bob sit across from somebody around HERE(i.e., a frequent contributor to these very boards) and one who REALLY knows the ends and outs of these classic films and who could INTELLIGENTLY discuss them with Mr.Osborne.


Aaah, but then again of course, the vast viewing public wouldn't know our own FredCDobbs, TopBilled, TomH, Dothery, SansFin, and a whole host of OTHERS around here who's names don't immediately spring to my mind, from Adam's Off Ox, and thus of course this'll never happen. Yep, people wanna see those "stars" no matter HOW much they might be out of their element, huh!


(...btw...thank you Sheldon Leonard wherever you are for that "Adam's Off Ox" line)

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> {quote:title=Hibi wrote:}{quote}Why do we need any celebrity telling us what they think of a movie? I dont need their validation.......I know it's a ratings thing,

Well, I suppose TCM could change it up by having some different co-hosts on "The Essentials"...

For example, historical celebrities like Joan of Arc, Caligula, St. Francis of Assisi, or Genghis Khan could have a shot at co-hosting with RO...

Or famous monsters like Frankenstein or King Kong could share their favourite movies...

You know what I mean...


I hear Grogan is available:




P.S. In the old SCTV skit above, Grogan is played by the late John Candy and the Japanese TV interviewer is Dave Thomas...

Just something silly...

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No, Cher doesn't bug me anywhere near as much as Drew (Rose McGowan came close though). But rather than B list celebrities I'd much rather see surviving classic actors or film historians or film critics or anyone who really knows and loves this stuff... those two women from the Silent Sunday promos... someone who doesn't seem likely to name Casablanca as their favorite example of Film Noir.


Still, TCM is great and we're lucky to have it. If it helps with ratings then I'll gladly dodge around that nonsense with only a small bit of grumbling.


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