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I am searching for the name of a movie I watched on TCM back in the fall of 2011. I can not remember who the actor/actress were. I only remember some of the content and plot. HELP!!! It was about a couple who had cared for each other and they of course were separated....He worked in the newspaper industry in New York(family business) I believe. When a job took the lady to New York she ran into her old love on the sidewalk and a renewed relationship began. He was married, she was not. The entire movie was about their relationship, the ups and downs and the lady's guilt about interferring in his marriage.....The love and care they were careful to protect was really endearing.

I believe she was a blonde.

I think it was made in the 40s or 50s.


I realize this is limited information but I really want to find it and I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas.





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Thanks so much Marysara and this movie sounds similar and now I MUST watch it!!

The thing about the movie I am searching for is that the man very much lives 2 lives;

the one he is obligated to and the one with the woman he adores. They spend years

working out ways to be together both feeling such guilt but feeling helpless to ever

be separated.

She never wants him to sacrifice his financial stability and security by divorcing and

he feels terrible that he can not be with her legally.

I appreciate your input very much!

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Thanks so much for your input Marylyn2. I looked up the movie you suggested

and it also sounds similar but it is not the one I am looking for.

The leading man and lady in the film I saw did have an affair of many many years,

both feeling very guilty about it but helpless to part.

She did not want him to give up his job and stable financial future for her and he

was just as torn about keeping her from having a future with a man she could be

with legally. He basically lived two lives.

It was very touching and sad.

I really appreciate the suggestion. I will keep searching so if you come across

another feel free to throw it at me :)

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