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Glenda Jackson speech today


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I am going to be featuring Glenda on the WANTED thread next month. May 3rd to be exact! I write these in advance, and I have been wanting to suggest that we rediscover her films. She would make a great candidate for Summer Under the Stars. Hint, hint.

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She would be a good candidate for SOTM too, but they probably think of her as a too contemporary star. I didnt see some of her films due to poor distribution (although popular with critics and Hollywood, most of her films werent great box office performers) and it would be nice to see them on TCM (though some would have to be on the graveyard shift...)

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I've never confused Glenda with Anne, perhaps because I know Anne Jackson pretty well. Regarding Glenda's MP career, she's been in the House of Commons for just over 20 years, representing Hampstead and Highgate, I think; although due to some redistricting I think she now represents Kilburn as well, which makes a slightly less safe district. Hampstead as you probably know is a prosperous left-leaning part of London, once home of Freud, John Keats, Aldous Huxley, H.G. Wells, Alastair Sim; more recently home of Stephen Fry, Peter O'Toole, Judi Dench, etc.

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Thatcher was a typical politician. She had her good points and her bad

points. I think the bad outweighed the good, but everyone is entitled to

their own opinion on that matter. I never knew Maggie-bashing would be

such fun, a little silly, but fun nonetheless. One last kick in the slats before

she goes up in smoke (I believe she will be cremated). And after she's gone,

QE II is waiting in the wings. Sweet. ]:)


The idea that Obama is seen as a god by Democrats and/or liberals is a

common one on right-wing websites. It's pretty nonsensical, but that doesn't

stop if from being repeated continuously.

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And Dick Nixon was the only American president to resign his office. Neville

Chamberlain? Silly and irrelevant comparison. I don't think Obama even owns

an umbrella. :)


Remember the thread started out to be about Glenda Jackson's politics,

not her acting.

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Well I started the thread oh-so-cleverly :8} , stating that a two-time Best Actress Oscar-winner was commenting about a woman who was played by another actress (i.e. Streep), who won a Best Actress Oscar for that performance. And Glenda's speech in the Commons was kind of a performance. There's a fine line between acting and political speech-making. And actually, Gudrun Brangwen (of Women in Love) could have made that speech! But as I mentioned -- I saw Glenda on stage as Hedda Gabler and Mother Courage, not the easiest of roles, and she was brilliant! And let's not forget (speaking of acting and politics) Glenda's first major role on stage and screen as a madwoman in an asylum playing Charlotte Corday in Marat/Sade, in which she sings, and later kills Marat in his bathtub.



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Sorry, but I just can't help interjecting the following...


> Last time I heard the u.s, economy wasn't doing are that great.


DUDE! What the heck are you talkin' about here? Just yesterday the Dow closed at ALMOST 15,000 ! And so, AT LEAST the U.S. Economy was been doin' pretty darn well recently for Corporate America, wouldn't ya say?


You remember "Corporate America" don't ya?! Uh huh, those are the folks who's interests that our supposedly "socialistic"(no WAIT, I've even heard the term "communistic" MIS-applied) current President was going to "take over and nationalize" if he ever got his foot in the White House door!


Well, at least I've heard THAT sorta you-know-what since before the first time he was elected ANYWAY. So, are you gonna deny THAT?


(...OH, and one OTHER thing here...for a couple years now I've had a running bet of 100 bucks going on with my financial adviser at Merrill Lynch that the Dow would never reach 20,000...and from the looks of it lately, it sure as heck looks like HE'S going to win THAT bet!!!!)


Edited by: Dargo2 on Apr 11, 2013 3:22 PM

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I guess she didn't mind playing characters with whose politics she would

likely disagree, though Charlotte Corday is long long gone of course. And

she never inspired the fear of taking a bath that Tony Perkins did with the



I agree her speech was a performance and a rather enjoyable one on the

whole. She managed to get Wilde's definition of a cynic, a person who knows

the price of everything and the value of nothing into the mix. Likely something

she recalled from somewhere deep in her memory. She did a splendid job of

putting forth the anti-Thatcherism case. I recall watching the PM question period

on C-Span years ago. Very entertaining.


I got a kick of the Wonkette's headline about Glenda literally ripping into Thatcher's

mouldering corpse. I doubt even the most severe critic of Maggie would want to see




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