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Glenda Jackson speech today


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>Swithin wrote: .... Casablancalover, Bercow started out as right-wing (which doesn't mean exactly the same thing in the UK as it does here), but he has gradually moved to the left, to the extent that there were rumors of his defection to the Labour Party.

Fascinating. I know this sort of thing happens more often in British politics, and thank you for telling me. His politics were not on display in his retort to the complaints of the Lords, and that elevated him as a parliamentarian should be. Left or Right, I was still tempted to start a fan page for him. Found him charming with his style.


He spoke the way a writer would have wanted the exchange to go, if there was a script for this sort of thing. I am not saying it seemed scripted-- just the opposite! I watch C-span quite a bit, and we just don't have the manners down on this side of the pond. It is not the way Aaron Sorkin writes it at all.. LOL

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Yep, she will be 80 in a few years, which is likely the main reason she will not stand

for election again.


C-Span had the House of Commons tribute session to Thatcher on last night. It ran for

almost 90 minutes, but I didn't see Glenda's speech. Either it was edited or she spoke

at some other time. They are broadcasting Maggie's funeral live on Wednesday starting

at 4:15 a.m. No thanks. It would be great to see some Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

signs along the route. ]:)

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