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Media History Digital Library


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I would like to introduce a web-page which I hope you will find interesting. It is the Media History Digital Library: an online access to the histories of Cinema, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound.


On this web-site you will find important trade papers, magazines, and periodicals such as: "Photoplay" magazines from 1914 through 1940. Early Cinema Collections highlighting the new advancements in Cinema during the "transitional era", 1903-1928. Yearbook collections documenting accomplishments and the participants in the motion picture industry, 1916 to the mid-1960s.


So much cinema history on this web-page you will lose yourself for hours. The link to the Media History Digital Library is http://mediahistoryproject.org/. Enjoy Yourself!!!

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An addendum to the Media History Digital Library webpage. The "Fan Magazine" collection exhibit great examples on what studio producers did to promote their stars and films. Some of the best examples of this can be found in the "Photoplay" and ''Classic Movie" periodicals. You can also find the latest gossip at that moment in time which is interesting.



Their are periodicals which chart the studio system during its rise from the transition to sound through the Great Depression. For those in TCM Nation who are interested in how cinema influenced styles, technologies and people in France, Italy, Mexico and the United Kingdom there is a "Global Cinema Collection" (1904-1946). Take a look at this website and let others in TCM Nation know your thoughts.



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I regularly use it as a basis for entries at "Carole & Co." Can't say enough good things about the site. (For an example of the library as a resource, check out http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/592728.html.)


Some of the publications that may be of particular interest to fans of classic Hollywood include, from the "trades":



The Film Daily (1918-1936)

Hollywood Filmograph (1929-1934)

Hollywood Reporter (1933-1934)

Motion Picture Daily (1931-1934)

Motion Picture News (1928-1930)

Motion Picture Review Digest (1936-1939)

The Screen Writer (1945-1948)

And from fan magazines such as


Photoplay (1914-1940)

Film Fun (1916-1926)

Motion Picture Classic (1920-1922)

Motion Picture Magazine (1914-1941)

Movie Classic (1931-1937)

The New Movie Magazine (1929-1935)

Picture-Play Magazine (1922-1933)

Screenland (1920-1923)

Shadowland (1919-1923)


Interested in early film? There's


Moving Picture World (1907-1919)

Moving Picture Weekly (1916-1918)

National Board of Review Magazine (1926-1928)

The Photo-Play Journal (1916-1921)

Motion Picture Studio Directory and Trade Annual (1916-1918)

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