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Videos of great location scenes in movies....


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The Royal Hawaiian Hotel in the Charlie Chan movie, THE BLACK CAMEL, 1931


Lots of good shots inside and outside this classic old hotel, and good shots all around Hawaii.


Go to the beginning to see the full movie.




Also notice in this film that Chan's dumb assistant is obviously Japanese. Yikes!

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Thanks, Fred. I bookmarked that link the last time you mentioned it and just started watching it. Great fun! In the 1970s, I went to a convention in Hawaii and stayed at the Surfrider, right next door to the Royal Hawaiian, where some other conventioneers stayed. We used to have crazy tropical drinks sitting in the outside bar of the RH, looking at the beautiful Pacific. And when in the water looking at shore, that amazing pink hotel was something to see.

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Given that I live near the Falls, obviously I'd have to say NIAGARA (1953) Marilyn Monroe, which was filmed mostly on the Canadian side. In particular the scene filmed under the Falls which I've always found to be breathtaking, as well as the shot where he is trying to escape in a boat going down the river towards the falls. I know how rough that river is and there is no-way that a boat can go down there without going over the Falls.



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Thanks, I'm glad you like it.


Here are a few rare scenes of the opening ceremony of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, as shown in CHARLIE CHAN AT THE OLYMPICS, 1937.


Notice the Nazi salute by the people dressed in white as the torch barer carries the torch down the steps. The guy with the flame is Fritz Schilgen, who was the real guy.




And here are a few scenes of Jesse Owens in a relay race, as the girls cheer him on. IMDB credits Jesse as being in this film, in archive footage. In the film, he is the incredibly fast one shown toward the end of the race scene.




In the scene of the girls, the third girl from the left is Theresa Harris, a well-known black actress at that time.

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