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Film Noir Recommendations?

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I've heard about Film Noir for at least 9 years now. Haven't really gotten into it as much at the beginning but now I really want to start watching more of these films. Can anyone tell me if TCM has a theme day or period where they show these films? And is there any recommendations you can give me on which films of this genre are best?

What about Private Eye Jazz or Film Noir Jazz?



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In addition to the excellent choices that have already been mentioned, I'd say the following shouldn't be missed:


*Gilda (1946)* scheduled for April 30

*Force of Evil (1948)*

*The Reckless Moment (1949)* scheduled for May 12

*Thieves' Highway (1949)*

*The Third Man (1949)* scheduled for May 15

*In a Lonely Place (1950)* scheduled for July 28

*Night and the City (1950)*

*His Kind of Woman (1951)*

*Pick-Up on South Street (1953)*

*Touch of Evil (1958)*



I realize I'm neglecting many essential films, but I have to stop somewhere. :)

Here's a good source for titles you might be interested in checking out:





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Can anyone tell me if TCM has a theme day or period where they show these films?


Ohhhhhh, wouldn't *THAT* be nice? Sadly, no. Perhaps if the day comes when they spin off a new classic all b/w, all the time, channel, they'll have more time to devote to film noirs.


Until then, try Impact with Brian Donlevy.


Also, take a look at the Film Noir/Gangster movie thread on the Forum Home page.


Google fim noir too - here's a good list, although they completely ignored Impact!







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*"Can anyone tell me if TCM has a theme day or period where they show these films?"* - Garth


In June, TCM's Friday Night Spotlight will be on film noir. Every Friday night that month, RO and Eddie Muller (founder of the Film Noir Foundation) will present some of the best and some of the least known examples of the genre.


You can browse the June Schedule here -


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*The Killers*, but rather the 1964 remake with Lee Marvin and Clu Gulager, Angie Dickinson and Ronald Reagan. Since TCM seems to be so big on Marvin they oughta show that one again, and *The Burglar* with one of filmdom's all-time top weasel-like sadistic thugs, Dan Duryea and *Key Largo*, one of my favorite TCM pet movies. I just never get tired of Edward G's Johnny Rocco, the one and only Rocco...and Toots is fun too. :D

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Some others that are some of my favorites to add to the Great ones already mentioned


*Dark Passage* (1947)

*Kiss of Death* (1947)

*DOA* (1949)

*The Woman In The Window* (1944)

*Scarlet Street* (1945)

*The Blue Dahlia* (1946)

*The Lady From Shanghai* (1948)

*Nightmare Alley* (1947)

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These have all been solid recommendations. I'll add 14 of my favorites to the list.


*M* (I don't care when it came out, this baby is a noir all the way)


*This Gun For Hire* (the first Ladd-Lake pairing, with Laird Cregar at his creepiest)


*The Big Clock* (sublime Laughton performance as an evil media magnate)


*The Big Heat* (perhaps Fritz Lang's best Hollywood movie, with unforgettable performances by Glenn Ford, Lee Marvin and Gloria Grahame)


*Drunken Angel* and *Stray Dog* (two classic late 1940's Kurosawa / Mifune collaborations)


*Sudden Fear* (Crawford's as good in this as she is in Mildred Pierce, and Jack Palance gives the performance of his life - too bad TCM never seems to show it)


*Witness to Murder* (George Sanders terrorizes Stanwyck - need I say more?)


*A Life in the Balance* (relatively unknown movie with a young Anne Bancroft and Ricardo Montalban fending off a ruthless killer played to perfection by Lee Marvin)


*The Bad Sleep Well* (a later Mifune / Kurosawa collaboration, with corporate corruption at the root of it)


*Touchez Pas Au Grisbi* (Jean Gabin's "comeback" movie, and one of his best)


*Elevator to the Gallows* (Jeanne Moreau and her lover botch the murder of her husband every step of the way)


*I Wake Up Screaming* (an early noir with Laird Cregar in an unforgettable performance as a sadistic detective out to frame Victor Mature for a murder)


*Vicki* (a very credible remake of I Wake Up Screaming, with Richard Boone in the Cregar role)



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Don't forget some really good British noir:













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Most of the great noirs have already been mentioned. Two classic Bogart noirs, *The Maltese fFalcon*, and *The Big Sleep* have not been mentioned, but you've probably seen them. So, I'll just add a couple of Robert Mitchum film noir westerns, *Pursued*, and *Blood on the Moon*. Both are good. *Pursued* is intense, and even surreal, in spots.


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Where the Sidewalk Ends


The Strange Love of Martha Ivers




In a Lonely Place


On Dangerous Ground


The House on Telegraph Hill


The Woman in the Window


The Window




The Man Who Cheated Himself


The Asphalt Jungle


Elevator to the Gallows


Night of the Hunter


No Way Out


House of Strangers





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Well unless I read all of the posts here too quickly no one has mentioned Out of The Past.


Is this highly rated and very popular noir now considered overrated?


Or was it just a 'duh' choice people felt it was too vanilla of a pick?

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