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Carousel on tonight....Very good musical worth watching


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This one is well worth watching.....The story of a care free carnival person

who falls in love, and discovers he wants more in life for his children....


What happens....well, watch the movie....but a good thought that the sins

of the father should not be inherited by the children.....his return for his

daughters graduation is very good......If you liked 'Ghost', you should like this....

Gordon Macrae and Shirley Jones are very good in this....Now I'm not a fan of

the clambake song and such, but as he sings My Boy Bill, reality hits him in

the face......and " You'll Never Walk Alone " is one of the best musical songs

ever.....the way it is sung as he has his accident, and then again at his

daughters graduation......There is alot to this movie, yes it is a music, but it

has very deep and moving dramatic parts....


Some day I wish they would have a Shirley Jones day and show this,

Oklahoma and The Music Man to remind everybody of her talent beyond

Partridge Family....but why wait.....watch this good performance tonight.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTgBef7WREOoPfkaSOH1tg




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> {quote:title=NewYorkGuy wrote:}{quote}Looking forward to seeing it in letterbox format. I've only seen it in pan and scan and, yes, it gave me the heebie-jeebies.

I'm with you!


I have to say I'm glad yet another one of my premieres from the TCM Programming Challenge has made it on TV. (I've scheduled CAROUSEL a couple times, actually, so, yay). Just as I'm excited that next month they're showing my perrenial favorite, A NEW LEAF, which I have scheduled as a premiere in every single schedule I've ever written. TCM finally got the message. YES!!! The Challenges work!

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Yes, it was better in letterbox....I suppose I had only seen it in pan and scan.....the dancing, such as the sailor dance, very Gene Kelly and athletic like, but you see all the dancers this way. You see all the ships on the water. You see how big the beach is....


I thought while watching Ten Commandments on TV around Easter time on ABC that I've only seen it in pan and scan......How much am I missing......and those dreaded commercials that add hours to the movie and interupt at the worst possible times.


Anyway, I enjoyed this again and I forgot how many songs in this I do like, most of them, and the clambake song isn't very long. hadn't seen this in awhile, I forgot ' If I Love You " in this also......Macrae and Jones were excellent. I'm glad Sinatra didn't do it, his singing style is different. I'm a fan of both, but Macraes strong opera style voice is right and he looks kind of strong in this where as the 40s and 50s Sinatra was the thin man back in these days, could take a shower and not get wet. Macrae and Jone were perfect in this.


Edited by: WhyaDuck on Apr 18, 2013 10:45 PM

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I got to see this at the 2011 Festival. My TV isn't as big as that screen and my ceiling doesn't have that wood carved sunburst that Grauman's does-what else has-but I did enjoy most of it just the same. I know women's groups have called it on the carpet for the spousal abuse theme-they have a point-but the music has to be heard. My grandmother had the album and I know every note by heart so it was great to have the story to tack on.


Gordon MacRae was right, he was born to play Billy. I don't think Frank Sinatra had the range to do the role justice. The only other singer I can see in it is John Raitt, Bonnie's father, who for reasons I can't go into left me in a puddle of tears when he did "My Boy Bill" on a TV show back when I was 12 years old. "You'll Never walk Alone" helped me get through high school. All told, the movie has a lot more pluses than minuses. Thank you, TCM.

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> {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}It was difficult for me to picture Sinatra in the Billy Bigelow role, although I have heard his version of "Soliloquy" many times.

Oh, so that's how you spell soliloquy! I knew that was the real title of the song but not the correct spelling. I went through three dictionaries or thesauruses and spellchecks before giving up. I knew it had a q and u but thought an i or e came after the s. O never entered my mind. Thank you.

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I really could see Gene Kelly playing Billy. The film only really comes to life for me during the two big production numbers- some of the songs seems a bit stagey- but with such glorious music who cares.

I wonder what Cinemascope 55 was like - during the ballet scene - there seem to be an almost 3 -D like effect in some of the shots. I was surprise by the stero quality of the sound. This is a very dark story and with out the fantasy framing device would have really been a downer.

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Gene would have been awesome as Billy, I must say. Although I love Gordon MacRae's voice. Can I marry his voice?


BTW, PBS is showing a concert version of CAROUSEL next week as part of Live from Lincoln Center. I'm pretty excited about this. Nathan Gunn & Kelli O'Hara star. Here's more details:



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