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Movies That People Tell Me I'm Supposed to Like....

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"My hubby is a sci-fi geek of the highest order. He will watch pretty much any sci-fi movie, no matter how cheesy. Of course, I will watch pretty much any musical, no matter how cheesy, so it all works out."


Have you watched Sun Ra's "Space Is The Place" (1974)? Science fiction and a musical. Find and watch "Space Is The Place" and I predict (for your family)--happiness and togetherness!


Where would you find "Space Is The Place"? Beats me. Probably on Ebay...maybe, an oop VHS.


Have I seen "Space Is The Place"? Are you kidding? Sun Ra's music...I know. Sun Ra's movie...well, are you kidding?


CineSage jr.,



"You should get yourself a DVD of A TREE GROWS IN BOOKLYN"


Your comment made me spit my Fresca all over my home computer monitor. I am sending you a bill for replacement computer equipment.



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"Ninotchka" is fun. I hope you enjoy it. I'm not a big Garbo fan either, but I like it and "Camille" and or some reason "Queen Christina."


And speaking of Garbo movies, I saw where they are planning to remake "The Painted Veil" with Naomi Watts in the Garbo role. Don't know why--the original wasn't all that amazing...

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Does he watch all those cheesy Sci-fi original pictures? Like "Mansquito" and "Chupacabra" and my all time favorite, "Frankenfish." My husband does and I get sucked in sometimes and just HATE myself in the morning. LOL

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Yeah, my hubby watches tons of stuff on the Sci-Fi channel. He will make fun of the super-cheesy stuff, but still watch it. He is really excited right now because the BBC sci-fi comedy series Red Dwarf season 8 was just released on dvd and he ran out and bought it. But that's ok, he picked up the Classic Musicals from the Dream Factory boxed set for me while he was at Best Buy! He said that one the salespeople tried to get him to buy some other dvd set with 40 movies on it instead. All public domain stuff. Like that would somehow be better.


Sandy K

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