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Ann Sheridan is NOT in TREASURE......


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A rumor has been going around for years that Ann Sheridan is in TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE, but as I pointed out here years ago, she is NOT in the film. And now Mr. Osborne points it out too.


Here is the photo Mr. Osborne was talking about that was the cause of the old rumor:




This was published in a book years ago, and it shows Bogart and Huston dressed as they were in a scene early in the film, in Tampico. With Bogart carrying his belongings wrapped in newspaper. And with Ann Sheridan dressed like a Mexican lady. This looks like a "hot set" photo, since Bogart is carrying his newspaper-package prop in-between scenes.


However, This scene and Miss Sheridan NEVER appear in the movie.


Note that it seems to be a night scene, but there is no such night scene in the film.


The Mexican girl that Bogart sees on the street and follows, is a different girl, with different hair, and different clothes.


And so far, no one has seen Ann Sheridan anywhere in this film, and her dressed like this is not in any other Ann Sheridan film. So, this leads us to the conclusion that for some reason, she might have been filmed in a scene for the movie, but the scene never made it into the movie.

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Just from the photo provided, Sheridan looks to be in costume from a far different time period than when the movie takes place. She might have been hanging around the set a the time, or came by to discuss something with Huston. By the time TREASURE was made, she was certainly too big a name to do an insignificant walk-on. But then, who knows. I really wouldn't have noticed, given the make-up job she had in the photo. After all, it was only recently I discovered the little Mexican boy that sold Dobbs the lottery ticket was Robert Blake!



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Because it's in this FORUM, Hibi.


If you want to look at the "big picture", NONE of whatever gets discussed here is really all that "important". It's merely stuff that's interesting to this particular group of people.




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>Just from the photo provided, Sheridan looks to be in costume from a far different time period than when the movie takes place.


The time period, according to the lottery sign at the beginning of the film, was 1925.


Many fancy Mexican dresses, even in modern times, reflect traditional Spanish designs of the past. You can see them on TV during the Miss Mexico contest every year on Univision.


Also, notice the dark makeup and the flowers in her hair.


I can't find any other movie in which Ann Sheridan wears this outfit.


This is just one of the little mysteries of old Hollywood. Like Cecil Kellaway who is supposed to be in "The Letter" playing a character named Prescott, but I haven't seen in the film yet. And like Walter Huston who played Captain Jacoby in "The Maltese Falcon". I never realized it was him until someone mentioned it on one of these threads. :)

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Regardless, Fred, I don't think women in Mexico dressed the same in 1925 as they might have in 1885!


But there's an interesting aspect mentioned. I too, have come across situations of where there's SUPPOSED to be some actor in some movie, but I fail to see it. I also see people who resemble OTHER actors or actresses but wind up not being them, or not even related. For example, there's some guy that appears in one of the THIN MAN movies that looks so much like BRUCE DERN, you might wonder if he was Dern's father. THEN you research and discover that Dern's dad wasn't even in the business!



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Yes, and then there is the rumor that James Cagney is part of the Bounty crew in "Mutiny on the Bounty", and Errol Flynn is in a Mexican street scene in "The Lady From Shanghai".


And Jean Harlow is in "Scarface" (1931). She is a tall blonde leaving the nightclub just as Paul Muni and his men are entering it. Watch for her. It is obviously her.


And also H.B. Warner and Buster Keaton in "Sunset Boulevard".

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She may have been hanging around the set or came by to discuss something with Huston. She was certainly too big a name to do an insignificant walk-on. But then, who knows...


According to Robert O, and I quote:


"Ann Sheridan did a bit in this movie, just for the fun of it.She happened to be in Mexico on vacation at the time and since she was a pal of Bogart, she dropped by and they asked her to do a bit for luck, and she did it, but I think it WAS CUT OUT OF THE MOVIE before it was ever released because I have seen pictures of that scene but have never been able to spot it."


This should confirm what FredC has been saying all along, that she was NOT in the movie.



PS As I have mentioned before, it would be interesting to know as ro WHY her scene was cut given that she offered up her time.?

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I wonder if the lady in the photo with Bogart and Huston could be Jacqueline Dalya?


She is listed in the film in IMDB as "flashy lady".




However, the lady in the photo in question is wearing a dress and a hair style that is not seen on anyone in the movie.


So, she could have been someone other than Sheridan, dressed up in makeup for a different movie, who wandered by the Treasure set, and could have been misidentified as being Sheridan.


IMDB lists Sheridan as "pretty woman walking past barber shop".


But the lady in the real movie is neither Sheridan nor Dalya. She is a Mexican that is part Indian. She has a local Mexican face, and she is not wearing the same costume as in the "Sheridan" photo.

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So, she could have been someone other then Sheridan, dressed up in make-up for a different movie, who wandered by the Treasure set, and could have been misidentified as Sheridan.


Sorry Fred, but that seems soooo far fetched and highly unlikely!


Who is going to mistake an extra for Ann Sheridan? at the very least, it would be 'sloppy work' :)



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>Sorry Fred, but that seems soooo far fetched and highly unlikely!


I agree.


Here is a website that tells a more detailed story:




Afterwards I took another look at the scene to try to determine if there was any way Ann could have been cut into the brief streetwalker scene. From looking at it again, I confirmed what I had suspected all along -- there was no way Ann Sheridan was in that scene.

I followed up with Ray yesterday wanting to come to a definite conclusion one way or the other.



As it turns out, Ray had since seen the movie and had this to say about it:


"Know what? You could be totally right about Annie & Sierra Madre. She only said she did the shot as a joke to surprise Bogie. What she didn't say, and what I didn't ask, was whether that's the shot they used in the final edit. Scenes were shot and re-shot all the time in those days."


Which is precisely what I think happened. Ann shot the scene, but unfortuantely, for whatever reason, it wasn't used in the final cut of the film.


So I think I can say with almost 100% certainty that...


Ann Sheridan did not appear in The Treasure of the Sierre Madre.

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> {quote:title=twinkeee wrote:}{quote}I believed Robert O. when he said Ann Sheridan did not appear in TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE, however, it would be very interesting to know as to 'WHY' she didn't appear in the movie?

TCM producer Scott McGee has written the following in TCM's own article section on the film:


"Actress Ann Sheridan was in Mexico at the same time *The Treasure of the Sierra Madre* was being shot there. As a good luck gesture, Sheridan agreed to appear in the film in an unbilled, walk-on part. After Dobbs leaves the barbershop in Tampico, he notices a passing prostitute who returns his look. In studying the scene carefully, it is rather difficult to believe that the woman is Ann Sheridan. Seconds later, the woman is again picked up in the frame, but only in the distance. It is possible that the switch was made to Sheridan at that point, or an alternate take without Sheridan was used in the final film. Either way, TCM's own Robert Osborne has watched this film countless times, and he has never spotted Ann Sheridan."






And film historian Rudy Behlmer (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudy_Behlmer) has written in one of his books:



"On the fifth day of filming at the studio, prior to leaving for location shooting in Mexico, the in-joke pattern continued. Warner contract star Ann Sheridan, as "a good luck gesture," agreed to do an unbilled "silent bit part" of a passing prostitute who walks by Dobbs (Bogart) and goes into a Tampico rooming house. Sheridan was made up and wardrobed for the role, but actress Florita Romero is in the finished film – at least in the foreground. Sheridan may have taken over in the last part of the shot, when the woman is seen in the distance. Or an alternate protection shot may well have been made in case Sheridan proved too recognizable on the screen in the studio projection room."









I assume this is the Florita Romero that Mr. Behlmer refers to: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0739405/









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The "Ray" quoted in a post below is Ray Hagen, who interviewed Sheridan in 1965.

Some of the interview was reprinted in Hagen's book Killer Tomatoes: Fifteen Tough Film Dames, in 2004:



The full interview on the website with Hagen, and about Ann Sheridan, is here:



Read Ray Hagen's bio here: http://www.loc.gov/nls/narrators/hagen.html

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This story has a strong apocryphal feel to it. Instead of the photo being evidence of an occurence, it seems the story was created to explain the photo. Watching the opening scenes of Treasure, it can be seen that none of the principal cast appears in the location shots. They only appear in sets and projection shots. The Dobbs character appears in the location shots only from behind, and is not Humphrey Bogart. The photo seems to be something somebody snapped of Miss Sheridan dropping in on a set one day to visit.

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I don't know who the woman in the still photo is, nor do I care. I've seen a million photos taken on sets of films with actors who weren't in the film and just "wandered" in -- typically orchestrated by the studio's publicity department -- and posed with the movie's real stars for the benefit of the film's unit still photographer.


If it is Sheridan, then she's there just for show.


Sheridan is almost certainly in costume for her part in SILVER RIVER, in which she co-starred with Errol Flynn, that was shooting on the Warner Bros. lot at the same time as THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE.


End of mystery and unsubstantiated rumors.

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