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Re: *The Getaway*:


Jake, you left out the part of that ending where Slim Pickens asks the couple if they're really married as opposed to just living together. He was okay with robbery, shoot-ups and being kidnapped but not sleeping with somebody you weren't married to. That cracked me up when I saw it.

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Being an old thread, I haven't re-read many back pages so forgive me if this has been mentioned....


I've always really enjoyed Wim Wender's WINGS OF DESIRE and the ending (spoiler!) when the angel's dreams are fulfilled. It's a great film.


I then found myself in the theater watching CITY OF ANGELS, the Hollywood remake. It was basically the same story, a bit less poetic and had the ill fate of starring Meg Ryan...but I actually liked the change they made to the ending! It creates an entirely different story (if you can get past a Dr who doesn't wear a helmet while biking in traffic) with it's tragic ending.

I love the idea of an angel giving up divinity for "life" and then facing the trials and tribulations life brings without the one he loved!

It has some of the same feeling as the end of Lon Chaney's UNKNOWN.

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"Spartacus" (1960), the producers accurately portrayed how people were crucified. Having ropes to support the weight, nails in the *right place* to inflict pain, having the condemned low to the ground and up close and personal to passersby. Roman soldiers stating, this is what we do to those who defies Rome



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>hamradio said: That movie has more bugs than a bait store. About the ending...


Realize you're responding to someone who just posts links of whatever he can find with no additional personal comments to explain his pov.

Those kind of posts just seems like spam when they're a bold all-cap single sentence.


Anyone who actually saw that stinker knows it certainly wasn't "The Most Perfect Ending" in a movie....unless you consider that it was perfect because then it was over.

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