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Cher Guest 2013.4.19


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Cher looks great! Of course, she's had plastic surgery. That's not what I mean. Although, her plastic surgery does look good. What I mean is: she looks well. Sounds well. Sharp. She looks as sharp as ever. Smart. Not in the intellectual sense. Although she is intelligent. Smart, as:


{font:Baskerville}{size:medium}{size:24px}smart{font}{font:Baskerville}{size:medium}1 {font}{font:HelveticaNeue-Light}{size:13px}informal {font}{font:Baskerville}{size:medium}having or showing a quick-witted intelligence {font}{font:Baskerville}{size:medium}: if he was that smart he would never have been tricked.{font}{font:Baskerville}{size:medium}2 (of a person) clean, neat, and well-dressed : you look very smart.{font:LucidaGrande}{size:13px}• {font}(of clothes) attractively neat and stylish : a smart blue skirt{font:LucidaGrande}{size:13px}• {font}(of a thing) bright and fresh in appearance : a smart green van{font:LucidaGrande}{size:13px}• {font}(of a person or place) fashionable and upscale : a smart re{font}{font:Baskerville}{size:medium}3 {font}{font:Baskerville}{size:medium}quick; brisk {font}{font:Baskerville}{size:medium}: I gave him a smart salute.


Cher would make a great regular TCM Host, along with all the current hosts NOT in lieu of them.


Thank you, Karen


Karen Sale, REALTOR * (703) 402-2312 * SALE@LNF.com * licensed in Virginia






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