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"Les Visiteurs du soir" (1942)


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Another good film on TFO this week was the Marcel Carné film "Les Visiteurs du soir":



The English title is "The Devil's Envoys": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_Visiteurs_du_Soir


It's an historical drama that takes place in France in 1485 and includes the fantastical element of having envoys of the devil, and later the devil itself, getting involved in the story.


It was filmed in Vichy France in 1942 and many regard it as an allegory of the German occupation of France, 'tho the director has said that was unintentional.


The film was restored in 2012 and you can read more about it here:



This film has been mentioned in the past by a message board user but don't think it has ever been aired by TCM?


Maybe another flick worth watching on TCM in future...




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I wish you to know that I am very upset with you!


I assumed when I saw the title of your thread that the movie was soon to appear on TCM and that you were alerting us to its presence. I checked first the schedule to see if it was to be a TCM Import. I then searched the title in TCM's database to see when it was scheduled. It is not.


I am very, very, very disappointed to find that your post refers to this movie's appearance on a channel which is not available to us.


You raised my hopes and then dashed them cruelly!


It is a wonderful movie and I am now sad to be reminded that I can not watch it.

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Sorry for the misunderstanding, Sansfin...


But hopefully TCM will have the film someday on its schedule.


I'm going to suggest it to TCM and I suggest you do the same:




Same thing with "Stray Dog." But think it was aired on TCM a few years ago.

Don't think "Les Visiteurs du soir" has ever been on TCM...


You can also buy it through Amazon, etc...: http://www.amazon.com/visiteurs-soir-Criterion-Collection-Blu-ray/dp/B008CJ0JRK


The film I watched on TFO was in the original French but hopefully TCM could get a version with English subtitles...

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Stray Dog was shown as part the the Kurosawa retrospective TCM did on him. Doubtful to me if it will ever be shown again. The most I think we can expect of Kurosawa is Seven Samurai and Rashamon, and if we're lucky, Yojimbo.


If it accords with your scruples, you can see most of his films with English subtitles on that site that has uploaded videos.

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Thanks Slayton... I remember that...


TFO had "Stray Dog" on again late Saturday night so I watched it one more time:



Have seen the other Kurosawa films you mention before... But first time seeing "Stray Dog" for me.

And I guess I was spoiled as I has an opportunity to see it twice in one week on TFO...


TFO's movie program has a host who introduces the films and comments afterward too.

Then they're aired commercial-free.

But TFO is a French-language channel (based in Ontario, Canada), so the films have French subtitles, if they aren't originally in French.

For example, "Stray Dog" was in the original Japanese with French subtitles.

I know enough French that I can follow along (I don't speak Japanese...)...


Anyway, TFO often airs some good classic films that you don't see anywhere else, or rarely on channels like TCM.


Just mentioned the film as others who missed it on TCM a few years ago might like to see it, or see it again...


"Les Visiteurs du soir," Marcel Carné's 1942 masterpiece, and aired on TFO last week, was a first time viewing for me...


It's an historical romance set in 1485 France and basically has the "love conquers all"/"good triumphs over evil" message. It reminds me of F.W. Murnau's 1926 "Faust" in that way...


Anyway, others might want to see it too and so I mentioned it. Maybe on TCM someday...
















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