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"Panic in the Streets" (1950)


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The events in Boston, Mass., today (April 19) made me think of the 1950 film "Panic in the Streets":



In that film you have pneumonic plague potentially spreading through New Orleans.

There's a debate about keeping the news quiet and not allowing the media or the public to know anything, thereby preventing a mass panic (includes not inoculating the general public against the plague or not preventing the general public from moving about).

The "keep it secret" argument from Richard Widmark's character wins the day, with Widmark being allowed 48 hours to contain the outbreak.


Of course, that's a movie and what is happening in Boston is reality.


Not sure what Widmark's character gets away with would be allowed today in reality.


Anyway, I think the Boston authorities have chosen to do the right thing to protect people there.


Anybody think of any other classic films that relate to something like this???


Telling people to stay indoors and stay put and explaining why vs keeping it a secret, as much as possible, and dealing with it that way.


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