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Trying To Find Out The Name Of This Movie...


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This was a made for TV movie that was shown sometime in the 1960's. I don't have a clue of who starred in it and only slightly remember the plot. It was something about a young woman who had just been raped and a man finds her and takes her in. This man has good intentions of wanting to help the woman. He leaves her in his apartment to recover while he goes out to work every day. However, he drinks a lot and gets drunk every night when he comes home, and one night he's so drunk that he tries to come on to the woman. She's so scared and hits him with something. She doesn't leave though, and the next morning, the man can't even remember what had happened. If I remember right it happened a couple of times. In the end, they learn to like and care about each other, and they either get married or plan to get married.


Does anyone out there know the name of this movie, who starred it in, and how I could go about either renting or buying it? Any info would be greatly appreciated. You may also email me at HeartRose4@aol.com for any info.

Thank you so much!


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For some reason, I started thinking about this movie. I thought that I would come here and try to find out what it was called, but couldn't clearly remember enough about it to put here that would make sense.






Then TODAY, here's someone else asking about the SAME MOVIE!



Cue the theremin music!






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*WOW! You all are so great! :)I got the answer to my question immediateily! As soon as I saw someone say "Something Wild", I knew that was the movie I was thinking of!* *Of course I was totally wrong about some of the facts of the plot, and only got parts of it correct, but you guys knew exactly what I was talking about!* *You guys did good! Thanks!!

*And thanks for the info on where I can find this movie. I think I'll probably just buy it so I can have it to watch whenever I feel like it. It says it was a 1961 movie, but I would have been only 8 years old then, so I really think I saw it as a rerun or something later in the 1960's, because I'm pretty sure I was older when 'I' saw it.+ *


*Thanks so much guys for all of your help! Again, you all are great! *

*Kathy *

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