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Name a comedy directed by Carl Reiner...

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Are you speaking of one of my favorite films? The Comic? Great picture with Mickey Rooney.


I was told there was a scene which was cut from the film. Apparently there was a nude tennis match or something there of.


No joke. I heard this from an extremely reliable source.



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"Where's Poppa", an outrageous tale of a single man (George Segal) trying to home care for his dotty mother (Ruth Gordon) while looking for female companionship.

This one was so contoversial that the original ending had been truncated before its theatrical release. It was restored on DVD.

Somehow, I don't think this one will appear on TCM even in the wee morning hours.

If it does, look for Carl's son in a coutroom scene.

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"Enter Laughing" is genius. Elaine May's failed Mrs.Robinson-esque seduction in the dressing room of her new costar is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. ("My goodness, look at the time." with a glance at her watchless wrist.) The whole thing is like a convention of great character actors. Not to be missed.

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> {quote:title=FlyBackTransformer wrote:

> }{quote}Yep, the hilarious saga of Billy Bright. TCM will show Fitzwilly, Some Kind of a Nut, Divorce, American Style and even Cold Turkey but not *The Comic*. X-(

TCM did show *The Comic* at least once -- I think it was Dec. 2011, when Mickey Rooney was Star of the Month. (I recorded the broadcast, and would gladly buy the movie on DVD/Blu-ray if it were released.)


*The Comic* is an old favorite of mine. In fact, I'd credit *The Comic* with helping to spur my original interest in silent movies after I saw it on TV back in the early 70s, when I was only a lad. Definitely a movie that deserves more attention -- Carl, Dick, and Mickey all did a great job with it.


In Mr. Reiner's first memoir My Anecdotal Life from several years ago (he also published another memoir more recently), he tells a great story about working with Mr. Rooney in *The Comic*. I can't do justice to the story, but it basically described director Carl's losing battle to keep the ever-entertaining Mickey from disrupting the set with his entertaining antics when he wasn't needed for a scene. Reiner knew, however, that Mickey loved to lead a marching band, so one day, he actually hired a small band for Mickey to lead. Somehow, they ended up marching off the set, leaving the rest of the cast and crew to get on with the business of making the movie.


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