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Question for traveltalk fans about Treasure Island short


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I saw a reference this week to the French pavilion in S.F.'s Treasure Island at the World's Fair. It mentioned Calironia's French Colony. I can't remeber the exact wording. Can anyone else?


Also, I can't find anything on the net about a "colony", just a landing in Monterey. Someone, sometime, must have believed this to be a colony. Can anyone tell me any reference to it? (If there was a whole section of a pavillion dedicated to it, there probably was some basis to it.)


Thanks so much for your help, in advance, dear fellow traveltalk fans!

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Hi LadyBurningRose,


From the following article I get the distinct impression that the word "colony" is being used more as a figure of speech than as anything official. Apparently, there were quite a few settlers of French origin in San Francisco's early history, and their numbers and influence seem to have been large enough to qualify calling it a "colony" of sorts. Here's the article:




Let us know what you think.



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Thanks so much for your response!


It was interesting. I saw that site and one discussing a Frenchman landing by ship in Monterey and "claiming" it for France. I think the "colony" probably refers to that, but I don't know.


I don't find much on the web about it, but I think there must be kind people out there, like yourself, who may have info on it. hopefully, I will find out more.

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