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Thanks To TCM For Showing Some Different Movies Lately


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I like Casablanca...but not every day.....same with most of the flicks that they kept recycling over and over in the disguise as star of the day or guest host picks.....so if different guest host host keep picking the same movies, that makes it better ???........No, I'm glad they broke down and bought some different movies or something.......I am enjoying the movies being shown that they haven't beat to death over the last year.


One TCM spot has an actor saying that if you haven't seen a movie in a few years, you can come back and really enjoy it all over again.....I couldn't agree more on the not shown in awhile part.....


Now not all of these movies being shown are Oscar stuff, but at least they are different......Keep it up, it's very refreshing. ....Did you buy more movies, it sure seems like it......

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TCM's a bit like the weather. It may not be great every day, but stick around and you won't be disappointed. I've been a mainliner since late 2009, and every time I think it's all over (usually during February), then Bingo, here comes a month filled with surprises. A July with over 20 Truffauts will more than make up for a month full of Oscar repeats, and for every Mickey Rooney or Esther Williams there's at least one noir or pre-code that's never been shown before.

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Andy, they're showing a crackerjack of a movie right now, Blondie Of The Follies, a pre-code classically classic like they used to show back in the old days.


Marion Davies was lovely and a natural actor.


Robert Montgomery, Billy Gilbert without a moustache, Sidney Toler, Zasu Pitts and James Gleason.



Women behind the movie, and 1932, slightly smutty, and black and white.



Can you beat that?



Catch it while it's around, it's not a steady diet.



Wasn't that a peach? James Gleason - so fine, who needs Gable.



Thank you, Ms. Loos. Balloon juice - what a lovely turn of phrase for hot air.









So which came first, Hedda Hopper the 'actress' or Hedda Hopper the muckraking columnist with all the compromising pictures? Stinko picture.



Ditto on the Guy Kibbee picture. Stinkeroo. Was that the Betty Furness?



Goes to show not all glitters that is black and white. :)

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