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The Post an Interesting Pic thread

Richard Kimble

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  • 1 month later...

Here is a very large and interesting photo showing 8 old steamboats in the movie STEAMBOAT ROUND THE BEND, an excellent 1935 Will Rogers film. This photo looks like it was taken with an 8x10 still camera which used large sheet film.


I wonder if this is the largest number of old steamboats assembled for a race in any Hollywood movie?


I think the location is the Sacramento River in north central California.



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Nope, I'm pretty sure that that's not Ronald Reagan in that underwear ad down there.


AND, I'm ALSO pretty sure that that's not George Armstrong Custer in that Arrow Shirt ad down there EITHER!!!


(...sorry...just couldn't resist doin' that old "Custer/Arrow Shirt" joke here, THAT'S all!) ;)



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*Vocalizing Villains*


"Moanin' low..."



"Hope your talent as a barber is better than your singing, Angel." Seymour seems to practicing on a dummy head, 'cause Johnny Rocco don't take no chances, see.



Boris and Bela Nelson courtesy of Clore:


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  • 3 weeks later...

> {quote:title=heuriger wrote:}{quote}Nice picture of Orson dressed in character for the 1957 film he made for Universal International Pictures, Man in the Shadow.

This is the film Welles made when he was served with a huge tax lien by the IRS and had his agent make it known that he would appear in any film for an immediate $50K.

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  • 3 weeks later...

And thus ALSO explaining why you never would again see her during WWII at the Douglas Aircraft Plant in Downey CA, but INSTEAD until the duration of the war would spend her off-hours away from the Paramount Studios playing her harmonica down on the pier at Santa Monica!


To get this one, it helps if you're a fan of the old Dr.Demento radio show....





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