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The Post an Interesting Pic thread

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Inventor Hans Laube (right) with his 'Smell-O-Vision' machine. The device injected 30 odors into a movie theater when triggered by the film's soundtrack, and was used for the film Scent of Mystery, produced by Mike Todd Jr (left).








Poor word of mouth from technical glitches at early screenings ensured that Scent of Mystery was a box office stinker (lol) and the Smell-O-Vision technique was not used aqain. However the affair did inspire Henny Youngman's classic line: "I didn't understand the picture. I had a cold".

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A lost scene from Horse Feathers. The Marx Brothers play cards while Huxley College burns down around them.




From the Marxology web site:


  • The finale of the film is also changed, but this was done before the release. According to the pressbook for Horse Feathers, the Huxley students tear the town apart for fuel and celebrate with a huge bonfire the night after the football game. However, Harpo decides the bonfire isn't big enough for such a sensational victory and his pyromaniacal book-burning bent in the film is carried to new heights as he sets fire to the college! Suddenly word comes that Jennings is trapped on the third floor. Groucho, cigar and all, runs into the blazing building amid cheers. He returns unexpectedly and hands a bystander his cigar. "There's no smoking in the corridors", he explains, and rushes back into the building. He reappears - not with Jennings, but with a diploma for Zeppo (and thus finally gets his son out of college). "I'll bet that'll burn Jennings up", he remarks as he retrieves his cigar butt.
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Strange how with all the Hitchcock movies based upon the idea of an Innocent man being accused of a crime that he would find a true life story and that his leading man for the film would be one where he only worked with Hitchcock this one time.

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Pre-production publicity photo for Tarzan and The Valley of Gold. Sharon Tate, Mike Henry, and friend (1964).





The way Sharon is gritting her teeth she seems a bit uncomfortable. Maybe Mike Henry had B.O.? Perhaps that's why she left the project and was replaced by Nancy Kovack.

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Jack Smight directs Harper


With Paul Newman:











With Newman and Roy Jenson:





With Newman and Julie Harris:





With Julie Harris:





Discussing things with Lauren Bacall (obstructed):





Checking the script while Pamela Tiffin gets made up:





Studio chief Jack Warner (second from left) stops by the set:




I don't know who the man on the extreme left is. Can anyone ID him?


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The cast of the Raleigh (NC) Little Theater's 1952 production of The Drunkard. Fifth from left: Andy Griffith





Two admirers flank the 1942 Senior Class President of Morgantown (WV) High, Don Knotts 



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Oh wow!

I didn't know that THE LEGEND OF LYLAH CLARE was television play prior to the Robert Aldrich movie.


I wonder if there is any video of the TV play available.

Was Tuesday Weld's Lylah voice dubbed as Kim Novak's was in the movie?

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