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The Post an Interesting Pic thread

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Edward Hopper, "New York Movie" (1939)






A movie theater in New York, one of those elaborate mock palaces where Hollywood spirits us for a few hours into another world - in this case apparently the high mountains. Spirits us as audience, that is, but not the usher, who has probably seen the movie a thousand times and waits for the curtain, mulling over her own thoughts. Her stationary figure counterpoints the screen with its incessantly flickering illusions of places not here and not now. -- edwardhopper.net


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One of the most amazing set photos you'll ever see: the enormous sound stage 21 at Warner Bros. 843 people are on set to film the musical number "This Time Is The Last Time" for This Is The Army. 500 soldiers were used, with three weeks of rehearsal ahead of the five days needed to film it.


On the right is the pirate ship from The Sea Hawk, later used for Gentleman Jim's floating boxing match. On the left is the ship for Action In The North Atlantic. This is why 21 was known as "the aquatic stage".


Stage 21 would burn in 1952.




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Leo Gorcey (next to Huntz Hall) as he was to have appeared on the cover of the Beatles album Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967):





Gorcey however insisted on a fee for the use of his image (how much of a fee is disputed -- even Wikipedia can't agree with itself on it: the Pepper article says $400, while the Gorcey article says $5,000!). So his image was removed by photo retouching:





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British comedian Frankie Howerd as acting teacher Sam Ahab, of the "Sam Ahab School of Transcendental Elocution", with The Beatles in a scene deleted from Help!









The blonde is Wendy Richard, who would later star in the BBC sitcom Are You Being Served?





Details about this scene here:


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Between shooting scenes on the set of NEVADA SMITH along the bayous outside of New Orleans, the lovely Suzanne and The King of Cool take time to film a never to be broadcast Chesterfield commercial...




(...I kid, I kid...it was for Lucky Strike, of course) ;)

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Alan Hale x 2




Wow, never noticed this before, but when Alan Jr. was young, he kind'a had a little Van Johnson thing goin' on there, didn't he.


(...wouldn't ya say, "little buddy", err, I mean Doc?)

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The Kansas State Board of Review:









I want to thank you for that small piece of Kansas history. My mother was a secretary for the state of Kansas and a big fan of Zazu Pitts.


I don't think she typed that movie censorship review because she worked in a different department, but the manual typewriter type looks just like hers and looks very familiar to me. It was a 1930s Royal typewriter and she made me learn to type on it.


Also, I'd be curious to know how you came across that document.

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I'd be curious to know how you came across that document.


Completely by accident. I was watching a YT video on MGM logos when that "approved by the KSBofR" sunflower showed up in it for some reason. What stuck in my mind was that bit at the bottom: "Kansas grows the best wheat in the world". I googled "KSBofR" and found that web site.

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