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The Post an Interesting Pic thread

Richard Kimble

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1 hour ago, rosebette said:

One of the few photographs where Flynn is drinking something weaker than vodka


Here might be another.

It appears he and his new bride Patrice Wymore are celebrating their nuptials with a little vino here...


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On 2/8/2022 at 4:54 PM, SansFin said:


Is that Cesar Rosas peeking through the creature's arm?


I just read about Ricou Browning last night in THE BOYS by Ron & Clint Howard.

Apparently, 60's TV shows produced by Ivan Tors were based in FLA (Gentle Ben, Flipper, Daktari) and they created a specialty studio lot.  Browning directed the TV show episodes & also designed and producing underwater sequences for others, including the Bond film THUNDERBALL.

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On 2/21/2022 at 3:08 PM, LawrenceA said:


Ever tell ya about the time at LAX when I assisted this lady in deplaning her flight from MSP, and which had been just a few days after she had crashed her Harley in Minnesota?

I had heard the news of her accident (this was in 2000), and also because of an upline message sent from MSP telling the downline station that she would need assistance when she arrived, I had had a wheelchair at the ready at the end of the jetway.

She remained seated until all the other passengers had deplaned. This was when I walked up to her and her husband Roger Smith and asked how I could best assist her. Her right arm was in one of those cast supports things that make the arm stick out from the body.

Her husband and I helped lift her out of her seat and she then sat down in what is called an "aisle chair", and which is basically a wheelchair narrow enough to roll down the aisle and to the cabin door.

As I rolled her down the aisle, I just couldn't resist telling her that if perhaps she had still been riding a better-handling Triumph motorcycle (and like the one she's shown astride in your pic up there, Lawrence...and which btw is a very familiar photo to those of us with a love of motorcycles) and not a Harley at the time, maybe this wouldn't have happened.

She was a good sport about this and laughed while saying, "Yeah, maybe so".


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On 2/21/2022 at 6:08 PM, LawrenceA said:


I like that this bike has baskets like she's going for groceries! Ann Margaret is one of my all time faves. She has never taken a bad picture.

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