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The Post an Interesting Pic thread

Richard Kimble

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I had just posted in I Just Watched thread about THE HUDSUCKER PROXY 1998 and came across this great shot:


When using miniatures the correct lighting is EVERYTHING. I certainly have not mastered it, or even comprehend the principles, really. My photography experience is only with catalogue photography, pretty standard lighting, nothing creative like ^^^ above. 

The mistake I too often see with cgi digital blue screen in movies or photos is lack of depth due to lighting.

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And now the caption for the above:

"You're doing a great job in it Bob, and I expect it's going to be a big hit. And so would you consider also being in the next film I'm planning on directing?"

(...if only, right?!)

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2 hours ago, txfilmfan said:

Hope and Jack Benny were always on the lookout for a stray Oscar...

You probably remember this one W-B cartoon from the 1940s in which the boys at Termite Terrace play off this running gag about Benny's quest for one, don't ya Tex...


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The site I downloaded this from says this is "Sharon Tate bending over" but that could be an eBay scammer's description they're perpetuating. I have lots of Sharon pics but none with this hairstyle. Could be from an early modeling shoot. 



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