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Their Finest Hour (Superficially Speaking)


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This is kind of a twist on the "Gorgeous" thread, but I didn't want to take that over. In what film was a particular actor at their most attractive? Not necessarily their best performance, mind you. It could be a matter of hair, make-up, wardrobe, the perfect mesh of actor and role, or just an intangible special something.


Just to start, the ladies . . .


*Audrey Hepburn*: She's probably my physical ideal, so this tough, but I have to go with Sabrina. The pixie cut, the Givenchy gown, the swan-like neck, the impossibly tiny waist, and that Audrey sparkle.




*Barbara Stanwyck*: Babs is a perfect example of sexy vs. physically perfect. Her face may not have been conventionally stunning (at least by movie star standards), but she could be downright radiant. As in Ball of Fire. Oh, and the gams were none-too-shabby, either.




*Carole Lombard*: To Be or Not To Be and that asymmetrical Irene gown. I swear she died at her peak.




*Gene Tierney*: Laura. I don't know - maybe it's the painting and the whole untouchable aura built around the character.





*Jean Harlow*: Red Dust. Specifically one shot. The wind against Vantine's peroxide tresses as she spies on Gable and Astor's rain-drenched clinch.




*Rita Hayworth*: I'm boring. Yep, it's Gilda. Put the blame on Mame . . .




And the gents . . .


*Cary Grant*: You could really just choose one his films at random, couldn't you? Only Angels Have Wings. He was never more virile.




*Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.*: The first time I ever saw him was in Gunga Din and I've never quite recovered. And keep in mind, Cary Grant's around, too! The Prisoner of Zenda comes awfully close, but the permed hair keeps it from overtaking. :D




*Errol Flynn*: The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex. 30s Flynn in Technicolor minus the Robin Hood wig. 'Nuf said.




*Robert Donat*: The 39 Steps. Another case of falling hard with my cinematic introduction to a particular actor. And, yeah, I do kinda have a thing for British accents. :8}




*Tyrone Power*: Nightmare Alley. I know many may disagree, but I prefer Power with a little age on him. He's just too pretty in the 30s. Doesn't do it for me. Here he's got some edge.




So when were your faves at their yummiest? All in the eye of the beholder, of course. ;)





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For my favorite, Joel McCrea, it is a tough choice. It's between *Foreign Correspondent* and the *More the Merrier*


But for sex appeal and seeing him in the morning in a robe....





h3. More the Merrier

h5. by a kissable nose!


Edited by: casablancalover2 on Apr 26, 2013 10:24 AM-- because one is not enough

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The porch scene is one of film's sexiest. Oh, those hands . . . :8}


*Myrna Loy*: 1932 was apparently a very good year. Not the lead in either film, but she was unforgettably gorgeous in both Love Me Tonight . . .




and The Animal Kingdom.




*Burt Lancaster*: The Crimson Pirate. Technicolor, shirtless, swashes-a-buckling and *that* grin.





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Funny but I never really considered Myrna 'hot' until the last 5 or so years (I've been a studio era movie fan for over 2 decades).


I always love Myrna especially her paring with Powell. I guess I liked the movies she was in so much I didn't need her to be 'hot' to enjoy them (say compared to Ava Garner who I saw photos of before I saw her in a film and said to myself 'hey, I have to check out some of the movies she is in).


But Myrna is indeed a very beautiful women. She really could do it all.




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*Simone Signoret*: Casque d'Or. "Golden helmet" 'do aside, she's simply radiant.




*Marlon Brando*: Guys and Dolls. Part of me feels obligated to go with the whole Stanley Kowalski animal-magnetism-"Stella!" thing, but I can't help myself. Sky Masterson is just hotter. :P



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Ingrid Bergman, my favorite actress was stunningly beautiful, in my book the most beautiful woman to ever grace the big screen.


She looks particularly perfect in Casablanca, for some reason. I think a lot of it is because of her wardrobe.




And in Notorious, wow..








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Well I'm a dunce at posting pics (so anyone who wants to help out, thanks in advance).Here goes...Gene Tierney, as mentioned for some others, just about any movie could be chosen, but I Have always been partial to the scene in THE RAZOR'S EDGE where she wears that black gown in Paris to try to seduce Tyrone Power....breathtakingly beautiful/ And my favorite, Linda Darnell, I think she is most beautiful overall in SLATTERY'S HURRICANE, but I think the scene in FALLEN ANGEL where she is dancing with Dana Andrews, and their profiles are looking at each other, and she is mostly in shadows, and Those Eyelashes for days ....amazingly beautiful (mind you, there are other movies where her more prominent assets are better displayed).

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This pick of mine is probably way too obvious, but Ava Gardner in vivid Technicolor, in Pandora and The Flying Dutchman.




(..aaah, those lips, those eye..brows, and that sexy little cleft in her chin...YOWza!!!)

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Hope these are what you had in mind, Arturo:





Thought I'd throw in a shot of Ms. Tierney in that film's famous Cassini wedding gown while I was at it. :)


As for the lovely Linda:


Slattery's Hurricane



Fallen Angel




Really though - did either of these women ever take a bad picture in their lives?

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Grace Kelly. Breathtaking, sweet and beautiful Grace Kelly.


Rear Window:





I think I temporarily lost all lung capacity when I first saw this scene.



Kim Novak, in my favorite film, Vertigo:







Something about her in profile that I love...


Edited by: BlueVertigo on May 4, 2013 2:15 PM

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Oh, you're quite welcome, Arturo. I'm so glad you approve of the Linda pics, as you're the resident expert. It's been too long since I've seen Fallen Angel, but I do remember thinking Ms. Darnell was indeed at her sultriest. I haven't been able to settle on a choice for her yet. Angelic baby Linda in technicolor in Blood and Sand or glamorous straying(?) wife in Unfaithfully Yours? Such a dilemma . . .


In the meantime -


Birthday Boy *Orson Welles*: The Third Man. Yeah, yeah, I know - Harry Lime is a rat, but that entrance knocks me out every time. And nobody else can passively diss the Swiss with such style. God, what a voice.




*Yvonne DeCarlo*: Criss Cross. To be fair, I've really not seen all that many of Ms. DeCarlo's films, but it's hard to imagine it gets much better than this. Oh, poor Burt . . .





If I had any ability, I'd have made a gif of Yvonne doing the rumba with Tony Curtis. :P

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!http://pleasurephotoroom.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/marilyn-monroe-poses-for-the-film-22the-asphalt-jungle22-1950-ap-photo.jpg!Marilyn The Asphalt Jungle: Marylin!!marilyn-monroe-poses-for-the-film-22the-


Edited by: roverrocks on May 6, 2013 7:12 PM

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