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Yeah, it wasn't bad at all, FBT.


And speakin' of Beau and Jeff's Dad here...Is it only ME noticing this, or have you also noticed that poor Lloyd might hold the acting record for the highest percentage of gettin' killed in movies?!!


Yep, I was just thinkin' that he was first of the stranded Allied troops to buy the farm in Sahara, he gets captured, tortured and dies in the arms of his boyhood friend played by James Edwards in Home of the Brave, AND of course falls to his death in THIS flick!


(...and I gots me a feelin' I've seen the guy bite the dust in a whole lot o' OTHER pictures TOO!) ;)

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I thought them famous burgers were white castle. I love MacDonalds regular burgers with the mustard, ketchup and little chopped onions (I chomp and gulp down the sliced pickles to get 'em out of the way) which always compensates for their skimpy paddies. Burger king has alot more meat in their paddies. For meatloaf TV dinners Stouffers is the best. :D

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We got great burger joints in my neck of the woods. In N

Out has arrived and it's ok but not a real burger in my



Let me drive through my favorite Whataburger and get

an old fashioned hamburger.




Jake in the Heartland.

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There was also a White Tower, Was that just a local chain? There was also a Burger Chef, not to be confused with Burger King, and Gino's, founded by Gino Marchetti and Alan Ameche of the Baltimore Colts.



White Tower was regional like Little Tavern and like White Castle still is. Of course, Gino's has been reborn as a more upscale chain local to Baltimore. I still miss the Little Tavern, which made sliders before anyone called them that.


The location in the photo still sells the burgers even though it's now a donut shop.






And I also remember Burger Chef.

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There were several WHITE TOWER joints peppering the Detroit and metro area at one time. They were something like WHITE CASTLE'S. There was also a chain called TOP HAT, which were Castles without the HOLES. Just as good, but they fell by the wayside. I used to work at one of them.



Lincoln Park also had a BURGER CHEF, a GOLDEN POINT, and still has the old CARTER'S building, but that became one of those HAM places recently. There are STILL "Carters" locations around, and they're still as good as they used to be. And STILL one of the only 24 hour joints. Carters burgers are about a third of a pound, served with grilled onions and ketchup and mustard, and you can get 5 for $5 in many of the locations. The only other place that sells a similar product and is still in business is MOTT'S. We also had a place called "Burgerland" which boasted it was the "Home of the BELLYBUSTER" long before we had a BURGER KING in this city. AND it was far superior. The building is now a CAMEO restaraunt, which is on the order of BIG BOYS, one of which was across the corner from it. There are still a few DALY BURGER places in the area, but not that close to where I live, and ONLY a few.



I only know of IN AND OUT burgers through hearing west coasters talk about them on talk shows. Don't have any around here. The name makes me wonder just WHY they're called that. Reminds me of how WHITE CASTLE turned a negative into a positive...



We used to call those little burgers "sliders" in a derogatory manner. They were called "sliders" because the joke was "they slide right through you". Now, ANY tiny burger is called a "slider", and White Castle is laughing all the way to the bank. We had other names, like "monkey meat's", "meow burgers", "bowser burgers" and "rat patties". but "sliders" was the one that stuck.



Now, for some reason, I'm getting hungry. But kudos to he that cleverly changed the title to this thread!






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In-N-Out Burger is probably a slight bit better than any of the major chains, BUT anyone headed out to the West Coast, Vegas or Phoenix is BEST advised to patronize FATBURGER instead.


(...mmmmmm, YUM!!!)

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Now c'mon finance! You're not gonna sit there and tell me here that while you were livin' out there in L.A.(and rackin' up all those jaywalking tickets ;) ), you never walked into a Fatburger stand and ordered a delicious charbroiled burger with a side of their stupendous onion rings, now are YA???!!!


(...'cause if you didn't, then you missed one of the best things goin' out in La La Land, AND somethin' that makes those Philly cheesesteaks pale in comparison!)

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I live 60 miles south of L.A. and I've never been there. I make my own burgers (come on is anything easier to cook?), and I find them more enjoyable than any burger I can purchase. Same with a steak.


I just don't understand why someone would pay for something that one can make so easy at home (well unless one is traveling of course). Take your cheesesteak example. To make them 'right' one does need to slice the rib-eye real thin and cook them on a large flat grill. Since that can be difficult to do at home going out for one of those makes sense.



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Well ya know, my dietary philosophy was always pretty much been, "Eat what ya want, but keep in mind HOW much of it ya eat"....Fatburger or not.


And, being a somewhat trim and fit 61 y/o(6'2'' 190lb) gentleman, I'd say that's pretty much worked for me.


Yep, as I'm sure you know, it all boils down to "portion sizes" and working off those calories, and tennis 2 to 3 times a week is how I work off those calories.

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Well first James, if you live 60 miles "south" of L.A., then I take it you live on boat situated about 25 miles out in the Pacific and off the coast of Oceanside, RIGHT?!


(...sorry, couldn't resist that one) ;)


But yeah, you make a good point about hamburgers being pretty easy to make at home, though then again, even the ones I grill on my BBQ never tasted as good as Fatburgers, for whatever reason. Yep, I sure wish there was one of there stands around here in Sedona.


Oh, and another old L.A. haunt I miss is Fosters Freeze, 'cause Dairy Queen pales in comparison to them, too.


Oh, AND I wish there was an El Pollo Loco around these here parts, too, though there's a few of 'em down in the Phoenix area.


(...wow, I'm startin' to sound like I live for fast food, huh?!...well, not really, it's just one of those occasional things of which I partake)

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The best franchise food of that sort which I have found is: Maid-Rite. It is not a hamburger per se but it is in that market category.


We make hamburgers in our home in a layered fashion. We mix finely chopped bacon and dehydrated onions with some of the meat and blue cheese and herbs with the remainder of the meat. We then make patties of the first and use them to sandwich a patty of the second and smoosh them together well before frying.

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