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Color film noirs


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I have seen nearly all of the color films that some consider to be film noir, and have them listed here. While I don't think some of these resemble film noir, a few are very good noir films that happen to be in color. One in particular has the best noir aspects in terms of shadowing, that is better than many Black and White examples.


* Leave Her to Heaven (1945) This movie is a great color noir as it has a jealous to the death aspect to it with all the consequences. Must see. Top 5.

* Desert Fury (1947) This is a noirish movie that is very good. It's a mob girlfriend type movie where she has to be saved.

* Rope (1948) Mostly set in a room of the crime this doesn't have a lot of action, but is an interesting movie.

* Inferno (1953, 3-D) Not really a noir as it is set in the desert but is a good movie to watch. Worth viewing.

* Niagara (1953) Very much a color noir with Marylin Monroe, must see. Top 5.

* Second Chance (1953) This is a mob girlfriend type movie but has a nice setting in Mexico with a nice climax. Borderline noirish.

* Black Widow (1954) Mostly a murder mystery this color movie has some noir to it.

* Dangerous Mission (1954) Another mob girlfriend movie that has the same type of ending in color.

* Dial M for Murder (1954) Great movie with some noir to it, excellent acting.

* Bad Day at Black Rock (1955) Tough guy crime movie with a mystery to it. Not noirish but interesting.

* Hell's Island (1955) A very good color crime movie that is a noir ending.

* House of Bamboo (1955) Didn't like this one, don't think all that English would fly in Japan or they could control what they have.

* I Died a Thousand Times (1955) Remake of the Bogie movie High Sierra.

* A Kiss Before Dying (1956) Great movie that is must see for what Robert Wagner pulls, almost as though it happened in real life? Very high up there in quality color noir. Top 5.

* Slightly Scarlet (1956) This is a must see color noir with the real noir lighting to it, lots of shadows in this move and a great story to go with it. Top 5. Watch it for the shadowing alone.

* Party Girl (1958) Can't remember this one too much, it's a mob girlfriend type movie.

* Vertigo (1958) Excellent Hitchcock move can't miss, not sure it is film noir though.

* The Trap (1959) Without the internet or cell phones you are stuck out in the sticks if the mob wants it. Not really a noir but is a crime movie and worth seeing.


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I've seen




* Leave Her to Heaven (1945)

* Rope (1948)

* Niagara (1953)

* Black Widow (1954)

* Dial M for Murder (1954)

* Bad Day at Black Rock (1955)

* Hell's Island (1955)

* House of Bamboo (1955)

* I Died a Thousand Times (1955)

* A Kiss Before Dying (1956)

* Slightly Scarlet (1956)

* Party Girl (1958)

* Vertigo (1958)


There is supposed to be one more "Accused of Murder" (1956) that I've never seen

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