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Apology To Filmlover


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I'm new to the board & was just joking. Now I realize I had no right to say what I did & words hurt. I know that. & just want to officially apologize in front of everybody. I'm sorry. You are entitled to your POV even if I don't agree with it. (some boards you can joke around )

I actually like Jerry Goldsmith & just saw him last saturday night on METV: Thriller - episode called "The Cheaters" from a Robert Bloch story. I also saw Bernard Herrmann right after that on Twilight Zone - episode in which a girl is told she's hopelessly ugly & it turns out she's beautiful. the doctors & nurses are ugly. Trus story. From Charles Beaumont. :)

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Some people, mm123, have a drier sense of humor than others, and their joking around gets misunderstood often. I've run across the same problem sometimes. Try inserting s "wink" emoticon after the joking around comment, and others will know it was just a good natured rib.



Your apology on the message board is an act of class, mm. I admire that.






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