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Good News and Bad News


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I can imagine the conversation:


Agent: I have good news and bad news.

Actor: What is the good news?

Agent: I signed you to a speaking role in a movie with a wonderful cast, great script and worthy director.

Actor: What is the bad news?

Agent: You die in Scene I.


I believe it has been at all times thought important to be in the first scene of a movie and it elevated an actor above the herd of extras to have a speaking role but I must think it must be vexing to go through wardrobe and make-up and script work for one scene only.


Such roles were not at all times give to non-entities.


Robert Ellis was the victim in *Murder at Midnight* (1931). Per IMDb.com he was in one-hundred-and-eighty movies between 1913 and 1934.


Edmund Burns was the victim in *The Death Kiss* (1932). Per IMDb.com he was in ninety-nine movies. He is often listed as "uncredited" in talkies.


Ralph Forbes was the victim in *The Hound of the Baskervilles* (1939). Per IMDb.com he was in seventy-seven movies. He was most often a supporting character but he was the star of some movies.


I have not found who portrayed the victim in *The Mystery of Mr. X* (1934) as there are six policeman/bobby roles with no differentiation as to which was the one in the first scene.


I have found no listing of any nature for the role of bank guard who was the victim in *Sherlock Holmes' Fatal Hour* (1931).


I am sure there are many others who appeared in the opening scene and had lines to speak.

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Errol Flynn played the murder victim in *The Case of the Curious Bride* (1935), although we only see him at the end, getting bumped off as Perry Mason explains whodunit.


Future $6 Million Man Lee Majors gets axed to death by Joan Crawford at the beginning of *Strait-Jacket*.

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> {quote:title=Fedya wrote:}{quote}

> Future $6 Million Man Lee Majors gets axed to death by Joan Crawford at the beginning of *Strait-Jacket*.



And Bruce Dern gets his in the early part (there is about a 20-minute pre-credits segment) of HUSH HUSH SWEET CHARLOTTE.


I recall Tom Selleck being an early casualty in COMA, but I'm not certain after 35 years just how early in the film it happens.

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Another example that comes to mind is the western "Town Tamer." Coleen Gray is murdered in the opening scene, where she takes a bullet meant for husband Dana Andrews. Her murder sets the entire plot in motion and she is constantly referred to in the course of the story.









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