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Next cruise announced

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The disappointment about the choice of Disney is more than a question of casinos.


I am a serious film lover. I have studied film, including a dissertation research year at the Swedish Film Institute.


As a participant in the first two Cruises, along with almost 2000 other serious film lovers at, or far above, my own level of film appreciation , I deeply enjoyed the TCM Cruise experience.


It was a treasure.


I am deeply saddened by the choice of the Disney ship and the Disney resort as the next venues for the TCM cruise.


Disney customers have an enormous range of choices. Disney is fine for what it is, kid's entertainment.


Serious film lovers have a very small range of choices of travel venues of which the TCM Cruise was the very best.


The Disney choice demeans the TCM brand and cheapens the experience to the level of children's kitch.


The idea of spending $4,000 for two adults to visit a kid's venue is ridiculous.


TCM is a valuable franchise, one which emphasizes mature films and not cartoons, which, sadly, is being destroyed from the inside.



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A couple of things...


First, Just because it is a Disney Cruise, I am virtually certain the cruise will feature films from other studios during the trip. The Classic Film Festival, which concluded this weekend, used the Disney-owned El Capitan Theater for the first time and presented three films there -- the newly restored wide-screen *The Lady And The Tramp* from Disney Studios along with the non-Disney titles *My Fair Lady* and *Guys And Dolls*. So I am betting that the Cruise will feature many films from other studios too.


Second, While I don't know what the theater facillities were like on the first two TCM Cruises, I see that the Disney Magic Cruise Ship has two professional, permanent movie theaters on board -- one that can seat nearly 1000 guests.




If that is an improvement over the facillities on the past cruise ships, I can understand why TCM may choose to partner with Disney for a film cruise.


Lastly, There doesn't seem to be an abundance of Disney-ianna throughout the ship so you might not even realize your sailing on a Disney Cruise Ship. It is definitely not "in-your-face". (And I doubt the costumed characters will be invited along.) It is a pretty cool, art-deco styled ship, if you ask me.


So I wouldn't reject this opportunity outright if I were you just because you believe Disney is synonymous with cartoons. There may be some Disney Animation on this cruise (I hope there is.) but it will, first and foremost, be a TCM Classic Cruise with all that goes with that name.

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I have some of the same reservations as the other poster, besides the gambling thing. Yet it's a very popular choice amongst Facebook posters. One person thought it was great since Disney is "family friendly" but there were very few children on the first 2 cruises, probably less than 10 on either one. Just because it's a Disney cruise ship doesn't mean it will be all Mickey all the time--at least I hope not. It's weird because someone on the last one was wanting to see either the films or some of the former Disney stars and I commented that Disney would never permit their films to be shown on another ship. I guess this solves that problem. The only reason I'm going again is because of the possible guests they may get because of the Disney association. They did mention trying to do it differenly this time by flying special guests in for film presentations but they won't have to be on the cruise the entire time. If it is overly kiddie-fied, I'm sure Sixthman will hear about it. I've already written them with my reluctant enthusiasm, but I'll probably still go.

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TCM Cruise & Disney:

The TCM/ Disney offers many major changes from the first two TCM cruises.

Plainly put:

If you were not on the first two cruises, you could not know the adult atmosphere that characterized the first two cruises.

I was a participant in the first two TCM Cruises. They were adult cruises. They were part movies, discussions, interviews with stars and part movie related adult fun.

TCM movie channel and the participants first two TCM cruise are/were almost all adults, of all ages, but adults, with a serious interest in films.

The key question is not whether the Disney experience is nice 'for some people". I am sure it is. Everyone knows Disney means family fun.

The key question should be does the TCM audience and its interests fit Disney? So, what is the fit?

The ship's decor is a Disney kiddie decor, not an adult decor.

You can't change that without ripping the ship apart.

The decor alone renders the ship unsuitable for serious adult film presentations, interviews and discussions ... and, yes, adult fun.

Yes, the ship has state of the art projection and sound technology. I'm sure it is first rate for the highest of high tech contemporary films.

But, while state of the art technology are just fine for new films they are really wasted on the older films of then TCM library which are, for the most part, admittedly not all, in black and white, monaural sound.

Technology helps a little bit but the films of the TCM library just do not cry out for the very highest tech.

Also, state of the art projection systems and surround sound does not transform a venue designed for kids into an adult venue.

Watching Fritz Lang's silent film 'Metropolis', which was shown on the last cruise, with the Alloy Orchestry playing live, in a theater decorated with the faces of Mickie, Donald, Pluto, and the Disney characters, does not put you in the mood of 1920's Germany, whatever the technical quality of the projection system.

The ship is a Disney kids venue top to bottom. Again, that is not bad ... for families with kids. It is just not an adult venue.

And then there is the question of onboard activities.

If you were not on the first two cruises, perhaps you could not appreciate the adult atmosphere that permited the ship to sail under the theme, 'The Roaring Twenties'. The ship was a boat load of adults dressed up as flappers, gangsters and gangsters girls, drinking from hip flasks and dancing the night through. It was wonderful!

Instead of the fine adult dining, dancing and gambling venues found on the Celebrity ship, the Disney Cruise participants, will be offered: 1) The Animator's Palate, 2) Goofy's Galley, 3) Pinocchio's Pizzeria, and 5) Pluto's Dog House. There is simply no comparison.

There is no place for a man in a tux and a lady in fine gown and wearing her finest jewelry.

Honey, lets put on our finest clothes and go to Goofey's Galley. Right!
Instead of real Caribbean venues, participants will be stopping at the Disney captive resort designed for kids, Castaway Cay.

Sanitary, very safe and very sanitary.

And then there is the ship's horn hooting out 'When You Wish Upon A Star'!

TCM representatives say they will work hard to convey their dedication" to maintaining the integrity and atmosphere of the event you have become accustomed to." And I'm sure they will ... try. They will have to.

From my point of view, that will be impossible on the Disney Magic.

Give me a very large break. Try 'rebranding Disney' to fit the TCM crowd..

My sense is that choice of Disney is not about TCM audience preference but rather it is about satisfying the demands of corporate management, whatever they may be.

Obviously, I'm broken hearted!

I still love TCM.

But I feel seriously let down.

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I'm glad am not the only one disappointed with the choice of the Disney ship. My biggest fear is people will think its a 'real' Disney cruise and there will be lots of kids with nothing to do. I understand the 2 movie theaters for more movies and seating for Q and A, but no casino and kid theme everything is a lttle much for me. I will still go because its TCM Film Festival, to see the Guest star, and the great people I've met on the last two cruises.

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The email I got from Sixthman in response to my concerns stated that they (Sixthman) were going to try to "decorate" the ship to downplay the Disney connection. I think that was the word they used. Although I've been reading up about the ship and it seems like there are some places, like the eating venues, that it will be impossible to do that. I've never been on any of their ships, so all I know about them is that the Mickey's ears logo is quite prominently displayed. I do hope you're wrong about it drawing more children. It's not that I dislike them, but bored children do not make good cruisemates.

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I am so disappointed to learn that they will not be offering a roommate match program this year. I so want to go on this cruise, but do not have anyone to share a cabin with. If anyone else is in the same situation or knows someone who might be willing to share a cabin, please respond back and let me know. Thanks so much! Tina

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I'm not sure how I feel about being on a Disney ship. Two theaters are good, but TCM doesn't schedule any late-night activities. Late-night movies on the previous cruises started around 10 pm. The casino was just about the only thing provided for night owls and many people enjoyed going there at night. I hope they schedule some midnight movies. TCM has access to films from many studios including Disney.





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This will be my first TCM cruise (and first cruise, period!). I'm travelling alone, and my main concern is feeling isolated. Are there many other single cruisers on the TCM trips? Do they try to seat single cruisers together at dinner? Will I be able to join trivia teams and feel connected easily? I like having my own cabin, but when I'm out and about, I'd love to feel connected to other people...I'm very friendly that way. Do the previous participants out there have any advice for me?



(I am absolutely thrilled to be on a ship with so many other people who don't roll their eyes when I mention Irene Dunne and Joseph Cotten. It's like a dream come true. I'm sad to hear from other posters that there aren't too many late night venues. The lack of a casino is a bummer but will save me quite a lot of money, as I love casinos.)



Thanks for any input, and I hope to meet you all on the cruise!









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Hey My name is Kevin Green - I went the past 2 years- I just turned 57 last week (Straight male) owns 1000's of movies! I have a cheap cabin reserved-Deck 7 -Standadrd inside-no window ($1095) I sleep on the couch I am only 5'2". Also have a hotel booked (.7 miles from the port ) $99 -$110 w/ tax Free breakfast and shuttle to the port!Contact me ASAP mailto:-godfreydaniels7@hotmail.com* In other words - I know all the ropes from the past 2 years- Folks sit together in the cafeteria and such - Pass this on for single folks who need a roomate.........

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leanne--I've gone by myself the last 2 years and it was really easy to meet people. Being there with a common interest makes it easier. Trivia is a great way to meet people because there are teams and most people just introduce themselves and make teams. On the last two there was open seating for dinner and I met people that way although this time it looks like maybe we'll have assigned dining tables. Don't worry though.

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(Helen's my Mom's name, by the way! Although I've never called here "Helenbaby"-that I recall)



If someone wants to pre-purchase flowers and a cake for someone's birthday during the cruise, is this done through Disney or through Sixthman? Do you have any idea?






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Leanne--helenbaby is nickname from one of my past lives. lol.


I really don't know about special orders. I would try contacting Disney first, just because they will be the ones arranging to feed us. The worst that can happen is that they'll either refer you to Sixthman or tell you that those services aren't available on a chartered cruise. Good luck.

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The first film stars announced for December's cruise are Jane Powell, Robert Wagner and Theodore Bikel. Stay tuned for additional announcements in the coming weeks. Debbie Reynolds, Mickey Rooney, Arlene Dahl, Sally Ann Howes and Norman Lloyd sailed on the previous cruise, with surprise guest Alex Trebek hosting trivia contests.












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> {quote:title=clore wrote:}{quote}Robert Wagner? On a cruise? The wags are going to have a field day with that.

The very first comment on the Facebook announcement was "I wonder who Robert Wagner will push off the boat." Not by me because I don't buy into that theory, but I'm left wondering if they are having trouble getting the stars to show. Powell and Wagner are two of Osborne's closest friends. I was a least hoping for some of the old juveniles from the Disney films like Hailey Mills or Kevin Corcoran since we're going on a Disney branded ship. This may be my last one.

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This was posted on the IMDb Classics Board:


"On the Official Robert Wagner Face Book page which he has endorsed, the moderator who is also the President of his Fan club posted that he has confirmed TCM has invited him but if he is working he will not be able to attend.The moderator has informed members that they should hold off booking passage until she hears anything further from him. "


So, you may be right. I've not gone to the Facebook Wagner page to double-check, you may want to do so.




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I was thinking that one reason they may have invited Jane Powell and Robert Wagner is that TCM may start celebrating their 20th anniversary a little early. I think Jane Powell (and RJ) were there when Robert O announced the birth of TCM (if my memory of the retrospective promo they did for the 15th anniversary isn't completely screwy).


RJ was at the TCM Film Festival last year and was part of the celebration they had to honor the 18th anniversary of the channel.


So, maybe there's a connection.......

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