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The ending of "The Magnetic Monster" was from Germany's "Gold", 1934


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This is amazing. Mr. Osborne mentioned it, but I was surprised at how much of the 1934 German film was used at the end of "The Magnetic Monster".


All those guys wearing 1930s caps were German actors. The giant machine was German. They matched scenes of Richard Carlson up with German actor Hans Albers. They used scenes of the major German stars shot from the rear, and they matched the costumes for Richard Carlson and another guy. This was a very fine editing job. Amazing.










Carlson in his control room on the left, and the "same" control room in the 1934 German film marked by the small blue arrow.




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>Riders to the Stars sukz because of them phony looking 10 cent toy missiles.


The real rockets in the film were modified V-2s. I used to see them in the newsreels in the late 1940s and early 50s.


But the model rockets in the movie didn't even look like them. Seems they could have found a model maker in the L.A. area who could have made model rockets that really looked like V-2s.

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