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can not remember WWII title from England


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There was a movie sown on TCM several years ago. I only caught part of it, but was really interesting. The plot was that Britain lost the Battle of Britain and England was occupied. the story was told through the life of a woman who was a nurse and was not able to escape to the US. She ends up getting involved with England's version Nazism called "Immediate Action" (the woman's brother-in-law comments, "what is the name of that group you belong....sounds like the name of a laxative.") She has trouble being in the "party" and gets moved around to different jobs. One, she works at a "refugee" hospital. This is really the equivalent of a concentration camp and the people who end up in her "ward" are injected with something that kills everyone, including a Polish boy.


Eventually, there is an "England"-corp of the german army.


She decides to "desert". She runs to the "Ireland-side of England", finding others who have resisted. She has to "prove" she is not one of "them". Finally the US makes the second front at England, and she is caught as a prisoner-of-war. She then works at a POW camp hospital.


I missed the rest. If any one has the title and knows if it is online or to shown again, I would appreciate it.

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Try "It Happened Here"1964 British film. Directed by [Kevin Brownlow|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Brownlow|Kevin Brownlow] and [Andrew Mollo|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Mollo|Andrew Mollo].




I have to look for this , it sounds really interesting...Thanks

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