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"The Crowd" (1928) For Canadians May 2/13


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King Vidor's "The Crowd" was substituted on TCM for Canadians last night, May 2, 2013.


A rare treat and I enjoyed watching it:


Guess the only Canadian connections are the scenes at Niagara Falls (American Falls but can see the Canadian side) and Dell Henderson from St. Thomas, Ontario, who played one of character Mary's brothers:



St. Thomas is a small city but, besides Henderson, actors Helen Shaver:


and Rachel McAdams: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachel_McAdams

are from there as well...


"The Crowd" was followed by a 1942 short film about Ontario called "Glimpses of Ontario," a "Traveltalk" from MGM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSQEmgEm0gA


It actually starts out by mentioning Dell Henderson's hometown of St. Thomas (56 second mark of video linked to above).


Not a bad "Traveltalk." Agriculture is still the largest economic producer in the province. It's worth about $33 billion to the economy today...


No CN Tower on Toronto waterfront, of course, but the ferry to the Toronto Islands still runs (you can see one heading back to downtown Toronto waterfront in film).


Anyway, a good night for films for me... Before "The Crowd" on TCM, the French-language station TFO aired Jean Cocteau's 1946 "La Belle et la Bête":



TFO is a French-language channel, so the interesting thing last night was that the restored version they aired had English subtitles. That was a first for me on that station:


No need to have to translate the French in my head as usual.


TFO is airing it again tonight, after Kurosawa's "The Seven Samurai": http://www1.tfo.org/Cine/horaire-tfo


So was able to watch "The Crowd" after the Cocteau film. Thanks TCM, for making it a great movie night for me (also thanks TFO).

And hopefully it was a good movie night for other Canadian viewers of TCM as well...



P.S. Another TV channel we have in Ontario is OMNI 2, and they air foreign films, usually with English subtitles. Worth checking out.


For example, last week they aired "The Warring States," a 2011 historical film out of Communist China: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Warring_States


Not that great a film, except for Jing Tian, but does have a chariot race that reminded me of "Ben Hur": http://movies.nytimes.com/2011/04/23/movies/the-warring-states-movie-review.html?partner=rss&emc=rss&_r=0


This Saturday night, OMNI 2 is airing the Japanese war movie called "Manatsu no Orion."

View the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYSRYzkNRmo


From the trailer above, it looks more like 1957's "The Enemy Below," except it's a Japanese submarine vs an American destroyer:



Anyway, it's from the Japanese perspective.

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> {quote:title=TopBilled wrote:}{quote}THE CROWD was substituted for what? Please be specific. For AN AMERICAN ROMANCE, or another title?

"The Crowd" was on for Canadians starting at 10:15 p.m. last night.


Before that TCM aired "Northwest Passage" at 8:00 p.m. followed by a short at 10:08 p.m. ("The Five Locust Sisters"). At midnight the Canadian schedule was back in sync with the American schedule.



So "Northwest Passage" was substituted in Canada for "Duel in the Sun" on the American schedule and "The Crowd" was substituted in Canada for "Ruby Gentry" on the American schedule.


(I suppose you could turn it around and say "Duel in the Sun" and "Ruby Gentry" were substituted on the American schedule for "Northwest Passage" and "The Crowd" on the Canadian schedule.)



My post is mainly for Canadian viewers of TCM who watched "The Crowd" last night.



Sometimes TCM doesn't have the Canadian broadcast rights for a film on the American schedule, so they have to substitute something for us Canucks to view. Last night it was what it was.



You can see the Canadian schedule here: http://www.tcm.com/schedule/canada/


Edited by: RMeingast on May 3, 2013 11:44 AM

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I am sure your post was mainly intended for fellow Canadian viewers, but it helps if you clarify so those of us who live and watch TCM in the U.S. can understand the schedule differences a little better. Using the link you provided, it looks like you did see AN AMERICAN ROMANCE.


Does this substitution always happen when TCM shows DUEL IN THE SUN or RUBY GENTRY? I think you are also prevented from seeing Hal Roach films on TCM, yes?

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> {quote:title=TopBilled wrote:}{quote}I am sure your post was mainly intended for fellow Canadian viewers, but it helps if you clarify so those of us who live and watch TCM in the U.S. can understand the schedule differences a little better. Using the link you provided, it looks like you did see AN AMERICAN ROMANCE.


> Does this substitution always happen when TCM shows DUEL IN THE SUN or RUBY GENTRY? I think you are also prevented from seeing Hal Roach films on TCM, yes?



No problem, TB. And sorry for the misunderstanding.


At midnight last night (EST) we had (in Ontario, anyway) "Lightning Strikes Twice," then "An American Romance" at 1:45 a.m., etc., and the schedules were back to being the same.


Sometimes, a Canadian user on the message board will complain about not being able to see a film that is listed on the American schedule for a certain time and instead was replaced by TCM by another film at the same time for Canadians to view. The user wanted to see what was on the American schedule and not what the film was replaced with by TCM (because they didn't have the film rights for Canada) for Canadians.


And I think, but am not sure, as my copy of "Now Playing" is not in front of me, that the guide does not list the movies that Canadians will see to replace films for which TCM does not have the Canadian rights. And I think that causes some frustration.

Here in Canada, we get the same guide as Americans.

To check for changes, and to help avoid frustration, Canadians need to view the Canadian schedule for TCM:



Anyway, I'm not complaining. I was happy to see "The Crowd" on TCM last night (in Canada).

It was a good movie night for me.


As for "Duel in the Sun" and "Ruby Gentry," I have no idea about the rights issue? It could be just this year for those films not aired in Canada, I don't know?


The Hal Roach films are available in Canada but not on TCM, I don't think. Again that has to do with the film broadcast rights. I grew up watching "Our Gang/Little Rascals," Laurel and Hardy," etc. on TV in Canada so somebody had the Canadian broadcast rights in those ancient days but have no idea who owns the Canadian broadcast rights currently...

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Didn't see "Northwest Passage" on TCM in Canada last night but have seen it before many times.


What's interesting is that the film does have a connection to Canadian history in that it takes place during The Seven Years' War between the English and the French in North America.

Much of the film takes place near the current Canadian border and the Abenaki hangout that's raided in the film, St. Francis, is in modern Quebec, Canada:



So did the folks at TCM deliberately schedule this film because they thought it might appeal to Canadians (or at least viewers in Ontario)? I don't know???


The next film was "The Crowd," and it has the Niagara Falls scenes and scenery and also Dell Henderson.


Next was the "Glimpses of Ontario" short from the "Fitzpatrick Traveltalks" series.


"The Five Locust Sisters" short that aired before "The Crowd," I have no idea the Canadian connection? Other than that they were broadcast on Canadian radio waaaaaaay back in the day...



Maybe to put viewers in a 1920s frame of mind or maybe simply something TCM pulled out of a hat???


Anyway, just interesting the picks TCM made for us here in Canuckland last night...


Of course, maybe nothing whatsoever to do with Canada and TCM just pulled them out of a hat for us...


How many Canucklelheads on the message board even watched TCM last night and noticed??


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Sometimes you guys (meaning Canadians) get to see films that I have been wanting to see. I remember one year for SUTS, all those Thelma Todd films with Hal Roach Studios were replaced. I don't remember what TCM substituted, but I remember thinking that as much as I love Thelma Todd, I was jealous that I couldn't see the other selections!


So, obviously, it works both ways.

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> {quote:title=twinkeee wrote:}{quote}RM, could the CTRC have anything to do with Canadian Scheduling ?


> Maybe it is not TCM's fault...


> Twink


TCM probably didn't have the Canadian rights. No big deal. Stuff happens.

I was happy to see "The Crowd" last night...


As for the CRTC, it polices broadcasting in Canada.


Broadcasters in Canada are required to air so much Canadian content as a licence requirement, but I have no idea how that applies to TCM:



The joke is that Canadian content can be found on TV late at night or during the day when few viewers are watching. The American and British TV shows/movies that attract viewers tend to be aired during primetime.

And many Canadian films/TV shows, unfortunately, are simply done to fulfill the Canadian content requirement. So they are done as cheaply as possible and are of generally poor quality. But they are Canadian, so meet the legal requirement.

Canadian content in American movies and TV shows can be something like a Canadian actor in the cast, something to do with Canada in the plot, filmed in Canada, etc....


So I suppose TCM could have aired some movies that have something to do with Canada in order to meet a legal Canadian content requirement, but I'm not sure??

I'm not sure exactly what the rules are for a channel like TCM broadcasting in Canada.


Many American channels establish a Canadian channel to deal with the Canadian content requirement. So, for example, there's MTV Canada. Instead of having to program so much Canadian music on MTV, they simply set up a separate channel exclusively for Canada.


Anyway, I think in the case of last night, TCM probably didn't have the Canadian rights for what was on the American schedule...

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*"Anyway, I think in the case of last night, TCM probably didn't have the Canadian rights for what was on the American schedule..."* RM



But it did schedule substitute films that were close to keeping with the theme for the evening - Late Career King Vidor. In Canada, you got perhaps the very best King Vidor film instead -- the silent *The Crowd* -- so you got Full Career King Vidor.

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Thanks... Forgot "Northwest Passage" directed by Vidor. Simple as that.

TCM aired other King Vidor films for Canadians Thursday night (rather than what was scheduled for Americans):

"Northwest Passage" (1940), and "The Crowd" (1928).


Anyway, I enjoyed "The Crowd" (despite how depressing parts of it are...)...

Liked James Murray and Eleanor Boardman:



Too bad about what happened to Mr. Murray later:


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