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A girl, a scarecrow, and soldier?not Wizard of Oz


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This movie was on late-night TV when I was very young, around 1970, and it’s haunted me over the years. I think the film was black and white, but possibly for artistic purposes. If my vague account sounds remotely familiar, I would very much appreciate your help.



The best I can recall: A girl, somewhat emotionally disturbed, in her teens or early twenty's, lived on a farm with a very strict/abusive father. She had some sort of romantic fantasy about the scarecrow in the field. The girl discovered a badly injured man, who I think was a soldier, at the edge of her farm. She took him into her room, dressed him in the scarecrow clothes, and nursed the injured man as best she could. The father found out and there was a tense/violent scene between the three. Lastly, I recall the injured man fell over a rocky cliff, the girl held his body, sobbed, and kissed his bloody head.



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Oh, from the very bottom of my heart, SullivansTravels, thank you! As soon as I read "RAPTURE" and "Dean Stockwell," I got goosebumps all over and knew it was the movie I've been searching for! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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