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I don't mean to complain...

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Well I mean to complain. You already started a thread on Crossfire. Was there really a need for a new one just to discuss the quality of the print?


Anyhow, how can a noir with Mitchum, Ryan and Grahame miss? It can't! (and Robert Young was very good as a low key cop).



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I actually like it better than GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENT, which I also really like, perhaps because they mixed the message in with suspenseful noir.


I guess what Poppins said about the spoonful of sugar is actually true.

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I agree that while the movie has a message the way it goes about telling it is made part of the action plot (which is trying to catch a killer).


Even when Young gives THE message speech of the movie to the young, not too bright 'hick' that talk is part of the plot as a way to get the kid to assist the police against his fellow soldier. I love the line where Young says this (i.e. treatment of so called outsiders) is part of U.S. history, not your text book history, but history just the same.



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>those frame jumps were quite noticable if you ask me.


I didn't see this film, but I have noticed frame jumps in other TCM films. Maybe once ever 6 months or so.


Also, I've seen it in other old films shown on other channels.


This seems to be caused by some incompatibly problem between the old film 24 frames per second running time, and the old TV copies that were converted to 30 frames per second, and maybe some newer copies that are supposed to run at 30 frames per second.


This is most noticible when someone walks right to left or left to right across the screen. It is as if 3 or 4 movie frames are missing about every second, so the people seem to jump, walk, jump, walk, and jump, walk across the screen.


I've seen some films shown on some channels when this goes on through the entire movie. This is some kind of electronic glitch.


There are different film to tape dubbing techniques now, and I've noticed (by playing a tape frame by frame) that some films are shown with three film frames in a row, then the 4th film frame is copied twice, then three more film frames, then the next 4th film frame is copied twice. This is a way to convert 24 movie frames per second to 30 video frames per second. Usually no one ever notices that every 4th film frame of an old movie is printed on the tape twice. We can only see this by running the tape one frame at a time.

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