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Showing 1:85 movies in 2:35 aspect ratio!!


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Has anybody else noticed that some channels are showing movies filmed in 1:85 aspect ratio (meant to fill the ENTIRE screen) have been letterboxed to show in 2:35 aspect ratio! To me, it doesn't look right AT ALL! If a movies was filmed in 1:85, SHOW IT THAT WAY and if it was filmed in 2:35, show it letterboxed the WAY IT SUPPOSED TO BE! C'mon people!

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The CINEMOI channel on Directv shows all their films in windowbox (black bars left, right, top, and bottom.


The Univision channel shows all their films and TV shows in 4:3, but squeezed left and right for wide screen TVs. However, I have to click my clicker to expand the picture to 16:9. Very irritating.


Most TCM intros are now letterboxed as they are taped. Oh, oh, are they now shooting them with an anamorphic lens? Or, are they simply masking off the top and bottom of the screen with black bars?


Why do channels do these different odd things, which require us to go to our TV clickers and change each channel's image ratio?

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