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Letterbox vs pan/scan promo - out of date?


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This promo has been on forever. These days the norm is not 4:3 but 16:9.


Side notes: I've been an avid TCM viewer from just about the beginning when I had a big dish. Sad to say I've been finding myself preferring to watch a movie on HBO/Max/Encore in WS rather than on TCM in CS because the premiums' HD are much, much clearer than the TCM HD. Even a 16:9 movie looks better on the premiums plus they're showing it "bigger" (without any black borders even if they are small). Had high hopes when TCM went to HD, but most of what I see is still just SD. Is this what TCM is sending or is Time-Warner stripping it? When TCM HD was announced, I understood that the plan was to upconvert DVD-quality prints and then move to HD over a period of a year or so. I realize some prints are not great to begin with, but when the premiums can show the same movie... I wish the monthly schedule would list the aspect & SD/HD - also if it is a premiere.


Small gripes. Premiums don't have Robert or Ben...



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