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Jack Benny film


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I watch a snippet of a Jack Benny movie, think it may even have been on TCM, where he is being sent to Earth for some reason. I believed it was the movie The Horn Blows at Midnight, so when it was on last night I thought I'd finally see the rest of the scene, but it never appeared. Now I'm stumped. He was complaining that he didn't have good legs to wear hose and he was told the fashions had changed so not to worry about it. Then he gets to New York and is surprised that it's not called New Amsterdam anymore. The scene I remember is when he's sitting on a bench in a park and starts talking to a little girl and she tells him she was in a concentration camp. Was this cut from the movie? Or did I miss the scene somehow? I've done a search on other Benny movies from that time period and nothing fits.

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Believe it or not, your mind is playing tricks on you. You HEARD the Ford Theatre RADIO version of THE HORN BLOWS AT MIDNIGHT starring Jack Benny, Claude Rains and Mercedes McCambridge. All of the dialogue you mentioned is in the radio program. Here is the show at the Internet Archive in an excellent quality recording:



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That's awesome! I could *swear* I saw those scenes but of course, it all makes sense now. I was listening to old radio shows a few years back and abridged versions of movies were very popular in the 40s.


I'm surprised that the radio show kind of vears off from the original storyline and has a lot of jokes and dialogue not in the movie. In fact, I found it listed on Wikipedia as "adaptation in other media". The whole dream angle is gone, along with the two fallen angles with the "jitters", the giant coffee pot, etc.



I'm impressed that someone would be able to point me to the link for the archive. Thanks so much!

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